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Monday, 22 August 2016


In this research paper, the proposed idea is to shield the uneducated fisher men crossing the outskirt what's more, aides them to go in a right way and recovery their life. Our proposed thought helps in finding the Fishing vessel utilizing GPS framework. This data is transmitted utilizing remote mode to the control framework. At that point by distinguishing the scope also, longitudinal area of the Fishing pontoon, the control framework identifies the present range of the Fishing watercraft and sends order sign to the Fishing pontoon utilizing remote mode to manage the vehicle if the watercraft is out from the outskirt. 

The GPS framework is the most recent innovation which helps us in recognizing the Fishing pontoon either inside or outside the outskirt. The ZIGBEE innovation additionally offers assistance us to impart from both the finishes i.e., the control framework and Fishing pontoon. Subsequently with the both enhanced advancements, it can be saved the human life from threat.