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In long time past days a large portion of the exercises were done physically. These days the greater part of the exercises which incorporate human endeavors are either supplanted or robotized by the utilization of machines or other sort of types of gear. One such approach is being given in the zone of Cultivation and Harvesting of Coconuts. Coconut manor being one of the major horticultural exercises in the southern piece of India, a superior review and advancement of supplies for the simplicity of gathering are required. 

If there should be an occurrence of these trees, the tallness and nonappearance of branches makes it extremely hard to hop on them. This movement is customarily completed by the socio-financially in reverse groups, where men are prepared in the specialty of climbing trees quickly and culling the coconuts or splashing pesticides.


The essential point of the venture is to configuration, create and actualize Automatic Wall Painting Robot which accomplishes ease painting gear. In spite of the advances in apply autonomy and its wide spreading applications, inside divider painting has shared little in research exercises. The sketch chemicals can make perils the human painters, for example, eye and respiratory framework issues. 

Additionally the way of painting system that requires rehashed work and hand rising makes it exhausting, time and exertion devouring. At the point when development specialists and robots are legitimately incorporated in building undertakings, the entire development process can be better overseen and reserve funds in human work and timing are acquired as a result. What's more, it would offer the chance to decrease or kill human presentation to troublesome and perilous situations, which would take care of the greater part of the issues associated with well being when numerous exercises happe…

Industrial Controller System Based on SMS

A venture which is created to control the procedure in the business and to check the status of the every procedure the proposed extend i.e. SMS Controlled Industrial Controller is created. Here we executed this venture utilizing the LAB VIEW. Utilizing this venture we can screen any number of process parameters in the business. In the current framework it is exceptionally troublesome for the client to screen all the procedure in the business since he must be available constantly and keep up framework physically. On the off chance that client is not present, whole framework will get harmed. To fathom every one of these downsides and detriments of existing framework proposed, new framework is created. The equipment prerequisites of the procedure are satisfied by the equipment unit of this framework.

The framework will communicate something specific when to client when there is any deviation in the process station of this venture by utilizing the LAB VIEW programming. We need to set impe…

Latest engineering project ideas on "Solar Highway Lighting System with Auto Turn Off in Daytime".

The venture is intended for LED based road lights with an auto-force control that utilization sun based power from photo voltaic cells. Photo voltaic boards are utilized for charging batteries by changing over the daylight into power. A charge controller circuit is utilized to control the charging, and a LDR is utilized to detect the surrounding light on day time.

The force of road lights is required to be kept high amid the pinnacle hours. As the activity out and about tends to diminish gradually at late evenings, the force likewise gets lessened continuously till morning to spare vitality. Other than a similar road lights are exchanged on at the nightfall and afterward turned off at the day break consequently by utilizing a LDR detecting gadget LDR. The procedure rehashes each day.

Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle

Thought 1 The venture is intended to build up an automated vehicle that can detect metals in front of it on its way like detecting area mines. The robot is controlled by a remote android application. Remote operation is accomplished by any advanced cell/Tablet and so on., with Android OS, upon a GUI (Graphical User Interface) based touch screen operation. It comprises of a metal indicator circuit interfaced to the control unit that cautions the client behind it about a presumed arrive mine ahead. A 8051 arrangement of microcontroller is utilized for the sought operation.

At the transmitting end utilizing android application, orders are sent to the collector to control the development of the robot either to push ahead, in reverse and left or right and so forth. At the less than desirable end two engines are interfaced to the microcontroller where they are utilized for the development of the vehicle.

Adaptive active phased array radars

Throughout the years radar frameworks have been changing because of the necessities brought on by
a) Increase in the quantity of needed and undesirable targets b) lessening in target estimate either because of physical size diminishment because of the selection of stealth measures c) the need to recognize undesirable focuses in considerably more separate levels of disorder and at longer ranges d) the need to adjust to a more noteworthy number of and more complex sorts of electronic counter measures

Radar planners tended to these requirements by either outlining radars to satisfy a particular part, or by giving client selectable parts inside a solitary radar. This procedure finished in the completely versatile radar, which can consequently respond to the operational environment to upgrade execution.


Cellonics permit modem speeds 1000 circumstances speedier than our present day modems. So anybody can get to web with such a speed, to the point that a person has ever longed for in the domain of innovation. Before adding another measurement to web give us a chance to have a far reaching outline of cellonics. Cellonics depends in transit organic cells speak with each other and nonlinear dynamical frameworks. General aftereffects of Cellonics innovation was incredible speed , straightforwardness and power.

It is safe to say that you are burnt out on moderate modem associations? Cellonics organization has grown new innovation that may end low speed correspondences issues for eternity. The new innovation comprises of adjustment and demodulation is called Cellonics. The Cellonics innovation happened in the wake of concentrate natural cell conduct.

Smart Note Taker

Presentation The Smart Note Taker is such an accommodating item, to the point that fulfills the necessities of the general population in today's technological and quick life. This item can be utilized as a part of numerous ways. The Smart Note Taker gives taking quick and simple notes to individuals who are occupied one's self with something. With the assistance of Smart Note Taker, individuals will have the capacity to compose notes reporting in real time, while being occupied with their work.

The composed note will be put away on the memory chip of the pen, and will have the capacity to peruse in computerized medium after the occupation has done. This will spare time and encourage life. The Smart Note Taker is great and supportive for blinds that think and compose uninhibitedly. Somewhere else, where our item can assume a vital part, is the place two individuals chats on the telephone. The supporters are separated from each other while their discussion and they might need to u…