Ramayana quiz questions and answers in malayalam

Ramayana quiz questions and answers in malayalamRamayana quiz questions and answers in malayalam in Jpeg Format is given Below.

Why does immersion oil improve resolution

Why does immersion oil improve resolution
Drenching Lithography is not another idea. It has been depicted in patent reports as ahead of schedule as 1984 and in specialized diaries in 1987. It has just been since 2002 however, that a requirement for its utilization has produced , documentation, and now utilization of this innovation. Drenching Lithography is a stopgap technique for chip (silicon pass on) creation that attempts to break (or develop) the constraints of the present light sources utilized as a part incredible lithography today. 

Inundation lithography is basically a method of expanding the refraction list and determination of the interface between the focal point, and the bite the dust's surface, along these lines permitting littler element sizes. Clearly there are a few issues that must be explained for example, tainting and deformity rates. Inundation and RET (Resolution Enhancement Innovations) have significantly expanded the need of EDA (Electronic Plan Aide) apparat…

Gym Management System Project Documentation

Gym Management System Project DocumentationObjective of Gym Management System Project Documentation :
The target of the "Gym Management System Project Documentation" is to give a framework which handles the data of the general population coming into the gym center and keeping up their social insurance. It deals with all their well being data. It even keeps up the information of what and all medications utilized by the general population who join the gym center. Information will be put away in the database. It likewise keeps up the general population's participation, gym center records.

Scope of Gym Management System Project Documentation:This venture is useful in the Automation of gym center record including exercise center weights, prescriptions, solid beverages and gym center Management System.

Microcontroller in Data Acquisition

Microcontroller in Data AcquisitionTheory of Microcontroller in Data AcquisitionThe engineering assessment in microcontroller improvement assumes essential part in the field of installed frameworks. The installed Microcontroller in Data Acquisition in mechanical application can be produced around such microcontroller like ARM (propelled RISC machine) to improve the framework execution. This paper incorporates depiction about the information securing framework utilizing ARM Cortex M3 and GUI based LabVIEW programming apparatuses. The framework outlined is not particular for any sensor procurement, so any sensor having signal molding circuit assembled can be associated with the DAQ card. ARM controller is utilized as heart of the DAQ. Because of the impossible to miss components of the ARM Cortex it is utilized as a part of the Microcontroller in Data Acquisition.

Working of Microcontroller in Data AcquisitionARM based plans have seen a tremendous development amid the previous couple of …

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