Now a day, Building crashes are happening so frequently due to terrorism and natural imbalances like earthquakes. When such a disaster occurs, there is a probability for a human to get stuck in it. It's very tedious and dangerous for a person to enter into the affected area and monitor it. So we are developing a system to enter into that area which will monitor it.
                        The system consists of two sections, ie, a controlling section and a vehicle part. The vehicle part is controlled from the controlling section with the help of wireless protocol called zigbee. The control section consists  of  a system from which the motion of vehicle is controlled . Basically four types of motions are incorporated.  The videos from the vehicle can be seen on the system placed in the control section. The communications between two sections is done using Zigbee protocol.

                      ZIGBEE MODULE is an IEEE 802.15 standard. It has a range of near 1 km and uses wireless communication. Generally they come in pairs and both of these are capable of transmitting and receiving data. It is connected to the PC through RS232 protocol. It is easy to use, requires minimal power and provides reliable delivery of critical data between devices.
                    The vehicle part consists of a webcam through which the current status of the examined area can be viewed. The different angle of viewership can be obtained by rotating the vehicle. We also incorporated a sensor which will display the amount of temperature and detected the fire situation. All the monitored data’s are wirelessly transferred back to the monitoring station. So it is possible for an easy rescue.   

Hardware Modules
●      PIC16f877a
●      ZIGBEE
●      Temperature sensor
●      System(laptop or pc)
●      Webcam

Software Module
●      MPLAB
●      Embedded C Compiler

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