Biometric Attendance System Project

Biometric Attendance System Project

To implement high level of security,it is necessary to define different security levels and each person moving within the premises is assigned a security privilege as per the security policy of the organisation. This part is done using a software tool.The main attendence system employes a fingerprint scanner to check for the entry time of each employee. When an employee enters a room the RFID code of the employee will be transmitted to a server machine which accesses this data and stores the employee code in a corresponding table for that particular room. 

Any employee entering any room in the office will be viewed by the server machine. If any employee is to be located ,then by giving the employee code , the room in which the employee is ,can be known.Besides,those entering these areas should get the permission from higher authorities and they have to log their entry in a record book. In our project we try to implement a system that automatically identifies a person using his/her unique ID and thus determines if he/she can be given permission to enter.

The major parts of the Biometric Attendance System Project are:

1)RFID system:
               It consists of an RFID reader and corresponding tags. The reader collects the data from the tag when the tag is placed within the range of the reciever. The data is a code having  a length of 10 bytes. This code is unique for a tag so that an individual holding this tag can be uniquely identified. This is the ID contained by the tag. The ID can be used as the input data to a micro controller that performs the tag authentication process.

2)Micro controller
          The micro controller manages the authentication process for each tag. That is,when an ID from a tag is received and considering the security level,
the microcontroller takes a decision whether the access should be granted or not. If access is given a relay is energised to open the door.In adiition,various security modes can be programmed to the microcontroller. When operating in high privilege mode,only users having high privilege are given access. In low privilege mode all users are given access. In medium privilege level some users are given access and others not.

3)PC interfacing:

The microcontroller communicates with PC to show how many individuals are already entered into a particular room and their details. This information can be stored in the PC and it can be used for future reference.
When  this project is implemented,it can be used to automatically authenticate and control the access as well as to keep details of all persons entering a particular room. On using multiple readers on different parts of the building, the exact location of an individual if he moves around within the building.

Modules used in Biometric Attendance System Project 
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