In this project our aim is to implement the complete automation of our campus and making our campus smart. Here we trying to implement the four basic necessary needs of any campus and they are,

Secure money transfer system.
Intelligent information system.
Smart library management.
Student attendance and security system.

1)  Secure money transfer system
The main objective of this project is to make all the transaction in a campus without liquid cash. Students not need to keep cash  to purchase anything inside the campus ,they just need to swipe the card given to them . Then the sufficient amount is deducted from their account .They can use this facility for,
·       Canteen bill payment
·       Exam fee, fine, purchasing of books etc.
2)  Intelligent information system.

        The aim of this section is to develop an embedded system to make a smart display  system which displays the notice information when the authorized user send the notice message from his laptop or pc. This system is very useful in offices or colleges and information can be passed rapidly to all.

3)  Smart library management
        It actually provides solutions for library automations. By the proper implementation of this project we cannot need the librarian facility. We provide options for the following,
·       Auto text name and author name display
·       Taken date and renew date details
·       Theft identification of texts.

4)  Student attendance and security system.
        This option provides the attendance marking of students. We also provide option for the security of students.


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