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This   project is developed for the users to identify the particular station in Bus/Train. RF transmitter is connected in every station.  An RF ID reader is connected with the Bus/Train.  A microcontroller unit is connected with the RF ID reader.  A LCD display is connected with the microcontroller unit. When the bus reaches the station, the RF transmitter in the station transmits RF rays with a particular code.  The RF reader connected in the Bus/Train receives the code and sends to the microcontroller unit. The microcontroller unit analyses the code and accordingly it sends the station details to the LCD display.  The LCD display displays the particular station.  Thus the traveler in the Bus/Train can easily identify the details of the station easily. The microcontroller used in this project is PIC 16F877a. The microcontroller programming is written in assembly language.

Smart Parking in vehicular environments using Cellular Automation

               A major research topic in intelligent transportation systems (ITSs) is the development of systems that will be capable of controlling the flow of vehicular traffic through crossroads, particularly in urban environments. The purpose of this project is to develop and design an intelligent transport system for smart parking.         In this work, we propose an innovative adaptive recommendation mechanism for smart parking. In this project we have three sections. Two parking slots and one vehicle section, the parking section 1 is with ARM9 microcontroller and other with ARM7 microcontroller. The first parking section consists of RF receiver module, GSM and IR sensors. The second parking section contains RF transmitter module and IR sensors. The vehicle section contains a switch, GSM module and LCD. The vehicle section is kept in the vehicle, when the person in the vehicle wants to know the information about the free parking slots then he will press the bu