Automatic railway gate control project report

Automatic railway gate control project report


In this project design and implementation of M2M communication in railway protection using wireless technology.  Usually number of accidents in the unmanned level crossing is higher than manned level crossing. 
The main modules in this project are sensor,    Microcontroller unit, Driver unit and gate motor. The IR transmitter and receiver are connected near the gate so that one faces the other.  The IR transmitter transmits IR rays when the power supply is switched on.  The IR sensor is connected with the microcontroller.  In normal positions, the rays transmitted from the transmitter falls on the IR sensor. 
                 If there is no train, the signals from the IR transmitter falls on the IR receiver directly.  When the train crosses the particular area, the IR signals are cut and it automatically sends signal to the microcontroller.  The microcontroller operates the relay section through driver section. Thus the gate is closed automatically.  After certain period, the microcontroller operates another relay to open the gate.  If the train stops in that place, the microcontroller wont allow the gate to open.  The same setup is fixed in the other side also. 
                    In the train, there is an IR transmitter and receiver connected at the front.  If there is any block infront of the train, the transmitted IR rays are reflected back to the receiver.  Thus the receiver receives the signal and sends signal to the microcontroller.  Immediately the microcontroller stops the operation of the train.

The Microcontroller programs are written in assembly


Gate area

Train section


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