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Bluetooh technology is used for wide range of applications. Here we make use this technology for the use of boiler control in industry.this project implementation mainly needed of Temperature sensor, Blue tooth kit, PC, PIC Microcontroller kit, LCD display and multiple devices . The temperature sensor   is used to control the temperature of the boiler system. Boiler temperature is continously monitored and signal datas are send to the PIC unit.PIC control monitor the sensor out put and control the bluetooth kit. The bluetooth receiver receives the data from the bluetoth transmitter. The transmitter is attached to the controller and receiver is connected to the usb port of any windows installed pc. In pc we can make a program which monitors the range of temperature and alert if the range exeeds.   

My name is RESISTOR

Hi friends, my name is resistor. I don’t know how old I was.I think I am looking so beautiful.Usually I wear different colored dresses.But my dear friends I am not showing fashion to public.Each color in my dress has different meaning.This color shows my resistance value.Many people don’t know how to calculate it.Here I put a short cut word. Remember this string   “   BBROYGotBeautifulVeryGoodWife”. Now expand each capital word in its.                              B=black                              B=brown                              R=red                              O=orange                              Y=yellow                              G=green                              B=blue                              V=violet                              G=grey                              W=white                             There is tolerance value,which shows how much my value can change   to front and back.I am not mov