This   project is designed for operating a Robotic arm using VLSI technique.
          The VLSI program is written in Very Log language.  The VLSI program includes program for key pad operation, Input and output ports.  This program is simulated and compiled in Model Sim software and converted to Hex code.  This Hex code is written in the FPGA kit. 
          The VLSI design has been implemented in the FPGA kit.    The main modules in this project are FPGA kit, Driver unit and Robotic arm.  The output of the FPGA kit is given to the driver section.  The driver section consists of driver transistors to drive the robotic motors.  The Robotic arm consists of DC gear motors for horizontal and vertical movement of the robotic arm. 
          When the Hardware is connected with the FPGA kit, the user can set the values for the robotic arm through the key pad.  According to the input signals from the key pad, the FPGA kit sends signals through the O/P port.  The robotic arm will be operated accordingly.

          The key pad is a part of FPGA unit.  The user can set the values using this key pad.  This is one of the input unit in the FPGA kit.
          This is the brain of this project.  The program is written in the FPGA kit.  According to the program written in the FPGA kit, it sends signal through the output port. 
          The signal from the FPGA kit is +5V.  This signal can not be used for operating any devices.  Thus the signal from the FPGA kit is given to the driver unit. The driver transistor drives 12V DC, when the base is triggered with +5V from the FPGA kit.  This analogue voltage energizes the robotic motors.
          It consists of three DC motors with gear setup.  The DC motors use 12V DC for their operation.  One motor is used for horizontal movement and the second motor is used for vertical movement and the third one is used for gripper.  When the polarity of the DC motor is changed, the direction of motion is also changed.

  • This VLSI design can be implemented to design micro chips.
  • These micro chips may be of very small size.
  • It requires no external peripherals like ADC, DAC, Oscillators etc.
  • It consumes less power.
  • It is cheap and compact.


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