This project is developed to avoid train accidents using GSM-R communications.  In formal railway systems, if one train is break down, the message is passed to the controlling section through tele communication.  There may be some network problems to receive the message immediately.  To avoid this we use this GSM-R technology.
          It is nothing but a black box in the aircrafts.  The status of the train is stored in the control box.  It anything happens, it immediately sends message to the near by trains and controlling section.  Immediately the other trains can be alert and alternative arrangements can be done easily.
          The control box consists of a microcontroller unit, sensors and GSM module.  The sensors sense the status of the train like accident, fire, dislocation of tracks etc.  All the information are stored in the microcontroller.  If anything strange, immediately it sends message through the GSM kit.  The same setup is available in the other trains also.  Thus the other trains can be alert.
          The microcontroller program is written in assembly language.  The microcontroller used is PIC 16F73.


The concept mentioned here is an  office  automation system with all easy efforts for a user .The System implements a user friendly office  automation unit with all the flexibility of GSM Modem

                                  Office  Automation controls  various Office   systems for added convenience, conservation and safety .The office  Automation market opportunity which traditionally has focused only on high-end homes,is increasingly moving towards the significantly larger mainstream  market. office  Automation using GSM makes it to be the right choice for an office  automation system. The traditional remote control system is replaced by a mobile phone  which enhances the utilization of the phone as well as creates a user friendly interface for different settings for different rooms.

                                           Our new automation system  offers  more flexible  ways to control the appliances  ie, we can control the appliances through a call or through a sms

Goals of the  office automation

  • Elimination of wired components simplifies installation and provides significant cost savings
  • Energy savings from automatic power save mode options
  • Added convenience
  • Affordable technological advances


Security Systems

Lighting Controls

    DTMF  Decoder


Embedded C


One  of  the most  promising  and  exiting  fields  of  study  is  artificial intelligence, which is  the study  of  making a machine  take  decisions  by programming  it. It is  a subject  involving various fields  like  robotics, perception  of  vision,  understanding  of  speech, problem  solving and expert systems. 

This  project WIRELESS BOMB Detection  is  designed  to  find out  the  BOMB  in  Atomic Stations . An easy method can be done by using a microcontroller.
Here we use PROXIMITY  sensor to detect the BOMB(metal detect in the place that where BOMB detects.

After detecting the  bomb , our control unit produces the alarm With  buzzer using the embedded C Programming written on the  Microcontroller.When vehicle moves with bomb detector, at that time if it finds the bomb,vehicle will stop in that place automatically and produce the alarm simultaneously.   

Actually we use metal detector to detect the presence of bomb.We make use of signal conditioning unit to process the obtained information.Alarm system is provided to produce danger situation alert.We also incorporate an antenna subsystem to communicate wireless to a distant center. The vehicle body is made on lathe and perfectly fit to our environmental conditions.The robot will stop on detecting bomb.