This project is developed to avoid train accidents using GSM-R communications.  In formal railway systems, if one train is break down, the message is passed to the controlling section through tele communication.  There may be some network problems to receive the message immediately.  To avoid this we use this GSM-R technology.
          It is nothing but a black box in the aircrafts.  The status of the train is stored in the control box.  It anything happens, it immediately sends message to the near by trains and controlling section.  Immediately the other trains can be alert and alternative arrangements can be done easily.
          The control box consists of a microcontroller unit, sensors and GSM module.  The sensors sense the status of the train like accident, fire, dislocation of tracks etc.  All the information are stored in the microcontroller.  If anything strange, immediately it sends message through the GSM kit.  The same setup is available in the other trains also.  Thus the other trains can be alert.
          The microcontroller program is written in assembly language.  The microcontroller used is PIC 16F73.


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