The aim of this project is to develop industrial disaster intimation and control system. As we known in to days industry security and safety is a major threat. If there is any unexpected accident like chemical reaction explosions, vibration shocks etc, there might be a great loss to the industry because of late reach of information to the appropriate base station or responsible department or responsible persons. The message may reach very late, by then the disaster may be severe.  In order to minimize such disasters and take some necessary precaution our aim is to develop a project called as industrial disaster intimation and control system with GSM Based auto dialing facility. 
Working principle:
The user can program the upper and the lower limits of the respective sensor inputs. The can also program the emergency number that has to be dialed automatically. In order for easy human machine interface we are using a keypad and LCD display. Once the programmed upper or lower limit of the any given sensor is reached the as per the users program the respective device is switched On or OFF, and the respective number is dialed automatically and once the receiver receives the call the respective message is played as per programmed or stored in the memory. If the first person does not picks his telephone then the next programmed number is dialed. This process repeats for all programmed numbers.  
1)    Chemical industries
2)    Manufacturing industries
3)    Explosion manufacturing industries
4)    Hospitals in OTP’s
5)    Nuclear plant
6)    Military application and many more 

Software and hardware used:
89C51 controller
Different types of sensors
GSM Modem
Ring tone detectors etc.
Embedded C programming


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