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7 segment decoder/driver and Comparator

                   Procedure: 7 segment decoder/driver: The 7447 IC is 4 lines to 7 lines decoder used to display 7 segments displays.     Connect inputs A,B,C and D to switches and the 7 segment display to the outputs of the 7447 as shown below:       We connect ( A 0 – A 2 ) and ( B 0 - B 2 ) inputs to switches and comparison outputs to the LEDs. Producing a 3 bit comparator as shown in the following schematic diagram         Discussion: A Magnitude comparator is a combinational logic that takes a number of binary bits as input representing two numbers  and compare their magnitude to find out if the first number =, <, or > the second number. So, if we have two 2-bits numbers that we want to compare, we need to start comparing the MSB bit first. If both MSBs are equal then we can move on to the next bits towards the LSB. For example consider comparing A = 10, and B = 11. We start by comparing A1 and B1 which are 1 and 1 i