Installation of Positioners

The manufacturers of valve positioners use many different methods to install valve positioners to the control valves.  If you are servicing a positioner, you should always use the manufacturer’s manual.  Different manufacturers, such as FOXBORO, Masoneilan Conoflow, Fisher and many others, use different methods and design to install each positioner.
The procedures to install and calibrate a valve positioner described in the task guide sheet are intended for Fisher type 3582 positioners.
Follow the procedure very carefully.


Calibration of Fisher Type 3582 Valve Positioner
Given a Fisher control valve, task guide, tools and calibration equipment, the trainee will be able to install the positioner.  The valve positioner must be aligned and calibrated to manufacturer’s specifications.  Valve stroke will be checked at 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of valve travel.  The valve must respond correctly to an input signal of 3-15 psi.
Task to Accomplish:
Task 1    Install positioner to the control valve.
Task 2    Align the positioner
Task 3    Calibrate the positioner for direct action
Task 4    Calibrate the positioner for reverse action
Task 5    Calibrate the positioner for split range operation
Tools And Equipment Required:
Screw drivers:  Philips and flat.
Wallace and Tiernan Pneumatic Calibrator.

TASK 1               Install the positioner to the control valve

1)    Clamp or bolt the connector arm to the stem connector so that the connector arm extends through the yoke legs (see figure 8).

Figure 8   Shows how Connector Arm is installed

1)    Bolt the positioner and regulator to the mounting plate.  See figure 9 for hole assignment.  The mounting plate has holes for the positioner and set of holes for actuator mounting and holes for regulator.  Another option to mount the regulator is by mounting it on the upper boss on the other side of the actuator.



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