MEMS accelerometer based Head Gesture Controlled Robot

The fundamental point of this undertaking is to add to a most secure access control framework to work a robot by utilizing MEMS based accelerometer with putting out fires framework. MEMS is a Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor which is a profoundly touchy sensor and equipped for distinguishing the tilt. This sensor discovers the tilt and makes utilization of the accelerometer to alter the robot's course contingent upon tilt. For instance if the tilt is to the right side then the robot moves in right heading or if the tilt is to one side then the robot moves in left bearing. Robot development can be controlled in Forward, Reverse, Left and Right bearing. This robot can be additionally used to smother the flame.
This gadget is compact and this framework operation is altogether determined by remote RF innovation. Client can wear it to his head and can work it by tilting the MEMS Accelerometer sensor.
RF Communication ranges in the middle of 30 KHz to 300 GHz. RF correspondence meets expectations by making electromagnetic waves at a source and having the capacity to get those electromagnetic waves at a specific destination. These electromagnetic waves go through the air at close to the pace of light. The wavelength of an electromagnetic sign is conversely relative to the recurrence; the higher the recurrence, the shorter the wavelength.
This venture makes utilization of a miniaturized scale controller, which is customized, with the assistance of inserted C guidelines. This microcontroller is fit for corresponding with transmitter and collector modules. The MEMS based sensor recognizes the tilt and gives the data to the microcontroller (on board PC) and the controller judges whether the guideline is correct development or left development direction and controls the course individually. The controller is interfaced with two dc engines to control the robot's bearing.
This task gives us the learning's on the accompanying angles:
1.       MEMS accelerometer.
2.       Interfacing Motors with Microcontroller.
3.       Interfacing MEMS with Microcontroller.
4.       Embedded C programming.
5.       RF innovation.
6.       Interfacing of RF transmitter and beneficiary to Microcontroller.
The real building pieces of this undertaking are:
1.       Regulated Power Supply.
2.       Microcontroller.
3.       MEMS Accelerometer sensor.
4.       RF transmitter and collector modules.
5.       Encoder and Decoder.
6.       Reset.
7.       Crystal oscillator.
8.       DC engines with drivers.
9.       LED pointers


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