Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

Portable jammer is utilized to keep cellular telephones from accepting or transmitting signs with the base stations. Versatile jammers viably impair cell telephones inside of the characterized controlled zones without bringing on any obstruction to other correspondence implies. Versatile jammers can be utilized as a part of for all intents and purposes any area, however are utilized as a part of spots where a telephone call would be especially troublesome like Temples, Libraries, Hospitals, Cinema lobbies, schools & universities and so forth.
Similarly as with other radio sending so as to stick, portable jammers square cellular telephone use out radio waves along the same frequencies that cell telephones utilization. This reasons enough impedance with the correspondence between cell telephones and imparting towers to render the telephones unusable. After initiating portable jammers, every single cell telephone will specify "NO NETWORK". Approaching calls are obstructed as though the cell telephone were off. At the point when the portable jammers are killed, every cellular telephone will consequently re-set up correspondences and give full administration.
Portable Jammers were initially created for law authorization and the military to intrude on interchanges by hoodlums and terrorists to thwart the utilization of certain remotely exploded explosives. The non military personnel applications were clear with developing open hatred over utilization of cell telephones in broad daylight ranges on the ascent & neglectful attack of security. After some time numerous organizations initially contracted to outline versatile jammers for government changed over to offer these gadgets to private substances.
In this undertaking, we are controlling this versatile jammer by method for a microcontroller. The initiation and deactivation time calendars can be modified with microcontroller. Constant clock chip DS1307 is utilized to set the calendar.

This task uses controlled 5V, 500mA power supply. Unregulated 12V DC is utilized for transfer. 7805 three terminal voltage controller is utilized for voltage regulation. Scaffold sort full wave rectifier is utilized to correct the air conditioner out put of optional of 230/12V stage down transformer.
Points of interest:
        Easy to work
        Sophisticated security
        Simple and Reliable Design
        Isolates both GSM and CDMA portable sign
        Scheduled time of operation can be modified
        Works with reference to Real Time Clock
        Defense Applications
        Seminar lobbies and gathering rooms


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