Pastry kitchen Billing And Stock Managing

Pastry kitchen Billing And Stock Managing
Pastry kitchen Billing and Stock Management programming is general programming produced for Bakery and Condiment Center. This product help them to do charging and stock support.
The reason for this record is to determine prerequisites and to give rules for the improvement of above said task. Specifically it gives rules on the best way to set up the above said venture. This report is planned to be a down to earth guide for individuals who adding to this product.
As this is non specific programming it can be utilized by a wide mixture of outlets (Retailers and Wholesalers) to robotize the procedure of physically keeping up the records identified with the subject of keeping up the stock and money streams.
The primary objective of the application is to keep up the records of procurement, Sales and stock subtle elements with money exchange upkeep.
Pastry shop Billing and Stock Management programming is exceptionally poor for Bakery and confectionary stores. This product assist them with keeping up everyday exchanges in PC.
Existing System
At present Bakery and Confectionary shops keep up their normal exchanges physically. They for the most part utilize charging machine to charging however this machine is not compelling for them in light of the fact that it is having parcel of disadvantages, aside from this they can't look after stock, buy and deals exchange frequently. They require a full promised programming to keep up their normal exchanges. Aside from this customary redesign on stock. Supplier savvy money exchange. Every day deals report. and so on.,
Proposed System
The proposed framework help them from multiple points of view. It assist them with doing charging effectively. Account upkeep likewise get to be simpler. They can stay informed concerning their buys, deals, stocks and record subtle elements. The product is furnished with all the expert sections to enter any new item, or supplier, or client to include or change and erase.
Equipment and Software necessities
Equipment Requirements
Processor                       :         Pentium IV 2GHz or more
RAM                              :         2GB RAM
Monitor                         :         15" Color Monitor
Programming Requirements
Working System. :         Windows XP
Creating Tool                 :         Visual Basic 6.0
Database                        :         MS Access


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