Power Transmission

Power Transmission
Systems for Power Transmission
Mechanical force can be transmitted starting with one pole then onto the next, for the most part, by four systems for mechanical drives. They are,
1. Belt drive
2. Rope drive
3. Chain drive
4. Apparatus drive
The pole from which power is transmitted is called driver shaft and the pole to which power is transmitted is called driven shaft. The decision of the sort of drive for transmitting force from driving shaft to driven shaft relies on upon numerous variables, for example, separation between the poles, measure of energy to be transmitted, speed proportion of shafts, precision obliged and so forth.
Belt drive
At whatever point force is to be transmitted starting with one pole then onto the next which are at a consider capable separation separated, a belt drive is for the most part utilized. Pulleys are mounted on the driver and driven shafts and a perpetual belt is fitted firmly over these pulleys. The element in charge of force transmission, or as such making the belt and pulleys run together, is the frictional resistance between the belt and the pulley. The measure of force transmitted relies on the speed of belt, the strain added to which the repertoire is set on the pulleys and the bend of contact of the belt and littler pulley.
Sorts of belts
Despite the fact that there are numerous sorts of belts for transmission of force, level belts and V - belts are generally utilized. Level belts are utilized to transmit moderate measure of force. These are utilized upto 10 m separation in the middle of driving and driven shafts. V - belts are more suitable for transmission of huge measure of force between two poles having a short focus to focus separation. The perfect separation is 1.25 to 1.5 times the distance across of the bigger pulley.
The belts utilized for transmission of force must have bigger quality, adaptability and life and must have a high coefficient of grating. Notwithstanding calfskin belts, belts made of elastic. Balata and cotton or fabric are likewise broadly utilized. Elastic belts, comprising of layers of fabric impregnated with an elastic arrangement and having a flimsy layer of elastic on the countenances, are exceptionally adaptable however are immediately crushed if permitted to interact with oil or oil. Balata belts are like elastic belts aside from that balata gum is utilized as a part of spot of elastic. It speaks the truth 25 % more grounded than elastic belt. Cotton or fabric belts are produced using canvas or cotton duck in which various layers, contingent on the thickness craved are assembled and sewed. These are treated with insole to make it water evidence. The cotton belts are less expensive and suitable for harsh administration where little consideration is required.


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