The fundamental point of the undertaking is to execute a security interface for vehicle with can convention for entomb ECU correspondence.
An Advance Security Interface for Vehicle is an arrangement of sensors that is set inside of an auto to caution its driver of any perils that may lie ahead out and about. A threats' percentage that these sensors can get on incorporate how shut the auto is to different autos encompassing it, how much its pace should be decreased while circumventing a bend, and how shut the auto is to going off the street. The framework utilizes sensors that send and get signals from things like different autos; impediments in the street, activity lights, and even a focal database are set inside of the auto and let it know of any climate or movement safety measures.
In the first place select the pins of ADC, CAN and UART channels utilizing PINSEL0 and PINSEL1 registers as a part of LPC2129. Arrange 9600 baud rate for serial ports with 8 bit correspondence mode and 125 Kbps for CAN channel If time is required then we can utilize inward RTC by setting control registers. ADC in ARM7 can be arranged by utilizing ADCR register and information can be changed over into ADDR register. Screen the individual status climate he is ordinary or tipsy. License for the ignition, subsequent to checking the vehicle's status. Presently interface two ultrasonic sensors to the ADC of ARM7 controllers and spot them at front and backsides. Whatever the information is originating from these sensors screen it and send ceaselessly utilizing CAN1 channel to CAN2 through transport. Taking into account the information coming to CAN2 channel through the transport, the controller will choose what operation ought to perform. On the off chance that any item is extremely close to the vehicle then the vehicle will be ceased consequently. By utilizing Kalman calculation we can figure out the relative pace between the close-by vehicles and screen it persistently. All these data we are showing on the LCD and in the meantime we can send to a PC.
CAN: Controller Area Network is a vehicle transport standard intended to permit microcontrollers and gadgets to speak with one another inside of a vehicle. It is a message based convention, composed particularly for car applications additionally utilized as a part of mechanical robotization and medicinal hardware and so forth.

  • Used as a Warning System to keep away from Collision in National Highways.
  • Used by Police to Track the drawing closer's velocity vehicles.
  • Used to distinguish an article in Extreme conditions like Fog and hazy regions.
  • Can be actualized in Robotic Applications.
  • Can be utilized as a part of substantial vehicles like Trucks and transports.
  • Can be executed in Aircraft and aviation gadgets.
  • Can be used in Passenger and cargo trains.

    Power Supply              -          5v DC, 12v DC.          
    Micro controller         -          LPC2129-philips.
    Protocol                        -           CAN BUS.
    Devices                          -           ULTRASONIC SENSORS in front-rear end, MCP2551
    Speed sensor
    Alcoholic sensor
    Lane sensor
    LCD                               -           16*2 Display
      Embedded C
     Philips Flash utility
      Keil ยต vision 3(IDE)
     C ARM Compiler (v2.32a)


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