Campus Management System

For organizations, where security is crucial and access to specific regions must be controlled and checked, there ought to be an entrance control framework that permit organizations to oversee and screen all entrance focuses and bolts, taking into account auditable security and fast reactions to any security ruptures. When we consider about Security the unmistakable ways are Authentication, Authorization and Access Control.
Confirmation is any procedure by which you check that somebody is who they guarantee they are. This can be of any system for showing character, for example, a brilliant card, retina examine and so forth. Validation is proportionate to demonstrating your drivers permit at the ticket counter at the airplane terminal. 


Approval is seeing whether the individual, once recognized, is allowed to have the asset. This is generally controlled by seeing whether that individual is a piece of a specific gathering, if that individual has paid affirmation, or has a specific level of trusted status. Approval is equal to checking the visitor list at a selective gathering, or checking for your ticket when you go to the musical show.
At last, get to control is an a great deal more broad method for looking at controlling access to an asset. Access can be allowed or denied in light of the privillages conceded to him. Access control is practically equivalent to bolting the entryway at shutting time, or just letting individuals onto the ride who are more than 48 inches tall – it's controlling passage by some subjective condition which might have anything to do with the specific's characteristics guest.
Here, in our venture we have utilized a RFID Card Reader, Keypad and a PIC Micro controller (PIC16F877) for confirmation of a man. The information from the RFID Reader is transmitted to a remote PC through a RS232 Interface. A brought together PC decides the approval and Access control rights.
After The approval procedure is over, The client will be permitted to enter the premises and his entrance date and time is stamped into the database. Utilizing Vb programming we can create reports like how long the understudies are available and substantially more. 

  • Unique ID for each Person
  • Fool proof system
  • Easy Access
  • Faster Access time compared to other systems such as fingerprint, retina scan.
  • Supports large number of users
  • Alarm on wrong pin entry for more than 3 times
 Hardware Requirements
1.     PIC Microcontroller PIC16F877
2.     LCD Display
3.     RFID Reader With Card
4.     Keypad
5.     Alarm
6.     Max232 for PC Interface
Software requirements
1.      Visual Basic 6.0
2.     MS Access 2000
3.     MPLAB
4.     Hitech C Compiler


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