Vehicle security framework has been a theme of extraordinary enthusiasm over the years because of the expanding vehicle robbery cases reported everywhere throughout the world. The majority of the propelled vehicle security frameworks best suit the four wheelers. As of the security framework for bikes is concerned, the frameworks accessible in business sector are of no match to the well prepared criminals. At the point when under assault, these frameworks can just immobilize the motor and sound a noisy caution. It is a genuine constraint.
In this paper we propose a solid and strong configuration of Bike Vehicle Security Framework (TWVSS) with features improving the vehicle's security and guaranteeing the rider's wellbeing. In our proposed security framework different new elements are incorporated into expansion to the motor immobilizer and caution. Few of the critical elements upheld by our framework are alarming proprietor by SMS about the robbery endeavor, permitting client to control the framework remotely by SMS, following the area of vehicle utilizing GPS innovation, Remote Keyless System, servo engine worked bolting framework (handle lock, fuel bolt and back wheel lock) and side stand marker. Repetition is kept up to make the framework dependable even in the most dire outcome imaginable, however because of expense limitations a tradeoff in the middle of expense and excess was important. Our framework is intended to be good with all the brands of vehicle .
Magic words
GPS innovation,
Remote keyless framework, Redundancy, Compatibility
Remote Keyless System (RKS)
RKS module is intended to work at a recurrence of 433 MHz with a half duplex correspondence join. The Remote comprises of a 433 MHz transmitter, encoder, power supply and a straightforward circle radio wire. The recipient module comprises of 433 MHz collector, decoder, power supply and a basic circle reception apparatus.
The 12 bit parallel information is encoded to serial information for transmission through RF transmitter. These 12 bits are partitioned into 8 address bits and 4 hot code bits. This 8 bit address information is interesting to each pair of beneficiary furthermore, transmitter module as expressed before. The got serial information is decoded to parallel information. The 8 bit address information is contrasted and the residential area three times ceaselessly. In the event that these two location bits coordinates, the 4 bit hot code is made available to the MCU. For our outline (under standard conditions), we got most extreme correspondence scope of approx. 100m, advocating the utilization of minimal effort straightforward circle recieving wire.
Locking framework
The handle, fuel and back wheel locking frameworks are worked by servo engines. Servo engine is picked since the yield shaft can be pivoted to a particular rakish position by sending it a beat width balance (PWM) signal through the control wire . Atmega328pu MCU has 6 inbuilt PWM channels which are utilized to create the PWM sign to control the servo engine. Operational voltage of 6V and current of 1A is supplied from the driver IC (L293D) as appeared in f ig
While stopping the vehicle, the rider ought to adjust the handle to the compelling left and press the lock catch on the remote. This starts the locking arrangement of the handle, fuel and back wheel lock. To maintain a strategic distance from the fuel robbery, a lock is put at the fuel's spout tank. This lock goes about as a valve. Once the vehicle is bolted, fuel lock obstructs the spout, disturbing the fuel stream in the tube. As there is no fuel streaming into the motor, it can't be begun, along these lines serving two purposes. Another lock is set at the back side of the vehicle, to stick the sprocket of wheel. Once the sprocket is stuck, the wheel can't turn. This guarantees excess in the proposed security framework. Proprietor can control the locking framework from his/her mo bile telephone (sending a SMS) or RKS remote.
GPS Module
Gms u1LP GPS module is utilized for following of the vehicle. It uses MediaTek GPS MT3329 that backings up to 66 stations of satellite seeking with 165dBm affectability and 10Hz most extreme overhaul rate for exact GPS sign handling under low responsive and high speed conditions. It has a force sparing exchanging mode power supply (SMPS) that aides decrease the general GPS power utilization. We utilized the National Marine Electronic Association (NMEA) 0183 convention which is an overall acknowledged standard. The Reco mmended Minimum Navigation Information GPRMC sentence is decoded to get the directions, speed, UTC time, date month, year and other fundamental data , The GSM module is required to build up a correspondence connection between the proprietor of the vehicle also, the security framework . We utilized SIM300 GSM module as a part of our framework. AT orders were utilized to control this module. SIM300 is a Tri band GSM/GPRS motor that chips away at frequencies EGSM 900 MHz, DCS 1800 MHz and PCS1900 MHz. SIM300 additionally gives General Packet Radio Service (GPRS). The present utilization is as low as 2.5mA in SLEEP mode. SIM memory is utilized to store messages. The SIM300 module speaks with the MCU utilizing nonconcurrent serial correspondence with a baud rate of 9600. The vehicle's proprietor can send SMS to secure the bicycle. Proprietor can likewise incapacitate the remote keyless framework if the remote is stolen. These elements turns out to be exceptionally helpful if incase copy or stolen remote is utilized to open the vehicle. Along these lines the cell telephone of the proprietor with the enlisted SIM goes about as the expert key, which can override the directions from the remote.
Motor Immobilizer
This module is utilized to control the ignition arrangement of the vehicle, there by controlling the motor. The capacitive discharge ignition (CDI) module  employments capacitor release current yield to flame the flash attachments . The ca pacitive release ignition (CDI) module has 6 pins in like manner. Of these 6 pins, one pin is for ignition trigger heartbeat, one pin is to be associated with 12V ignition curl, one pin is for supply of ignition energy to start plugs, one pin is to be joined with kill switch and the remaining two pins are to be grounded. On the off chance that the murder pin is grounded then the ignition force pin does not supply 20,000V to the sparkle plug, which is vital to create a flash in the force stroke. A transfer is utilized to finish this function. Transfer is utilized as a part of "regularly open mode", one terminal is associated with execute pin what's more, another is grounded. At whatever point the motor must be immobilized the microcontroller unit (MCU) actuates the transfer curl which shorts the murder pin to the ground.
Vibra tion sensor
Piezoelectric sensor is utilized for this application, as the expense of this sensor is less and it has sensibly great affectability. The body keeps running all through the vehicle and it is made of metal, so the vibration in any part resounds everywhere it. Piezoelectric sensors are set on the skeleton , one at front end and another at backside. As and when there is a vibration (in view of the gatecrasher altering with the vehicle), it is exchanged to the piezoelectric film and there is an extent al voltage created at the terminals of the piezoelectric sensor. The simple voltages are changed over to digitavalues by the inbuilt 10 bit Simple to Digital Converter ( ADC) of Atmega328pu MCU. The voltage created is specifically relative to the intensity of vibration. A limit worth is set to recognize between the high and low intensities.
Side stand marker
IR sensor is decided for this application, as it devours less power, less zone and has minimal effort. This sensor is put beneath the chain gatekeeper, adjusted to side stand (pulled up). On the off chance that the side stand is pulled up IR radiations discharged from drove are considered back which falls the phototransistor, else IR radiations are not reflected back. The resistance over the phototransistor is in the scope of mega ohms when no IR radiations fall on it. Its resistance significantly lessens when IR radiations fall on it. Voltage drop crosswise over phototransistor is specifically relative to its resistance. The voltage drop over the phototransistor is encouraged to the comparator circuit. In the event that the voltage drop is more prominent than the limit at that point the yield is rationale high else it is rationale low. In the event that the side stand is not pulled up notice sign(Signal) is given and the motor is killed. 



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