A genuine's sort time temperature checking System is produced to defend the joint's wellbeing less rail. The outline of equipment and programming of the framework is presented. The temperature information gathered from sensors of the framework's Department is sent to the focal division by GSM modules in the method for SMS. GSM module of the focal Department gets the information and exchange to PC through the PCI multi-serial-port card. The graphical programming Software lab perspective is utilized for information decoded, handling, Storage, show in PC. In the event that the temperature is out of limits, the Software will send SMS or call individuals related for observing and caution the joint's temperature less rail.
Jointless rail with rich solace and supporting the fast prepares is viewed as the first of rapid line. The impact of temperature anxiety for jointless rail is extensive, the temperature checking for jointless rail is especially imperative. In the event that the temperature observing is not suitable, the rail compression in winter will break the steel rails and the beam development in the mid year will prompt the train got crashed. In rail temperature measuring system, depending on simulated standard assigned checking temperature has been less conventional method for the past, in light of the fact that it costs a considerable measure of labor, material and the information is hard to be broke down by blend. The system depicted in this paper is actualizing more an announcement, each announcement of the steel rails temperature screens, transport and alert capacity, utilizing an experienced and stable GSM system transmission way. The focal explanation trade the rail temperature information with an announcement as indicated by the required recurrence, and the information is transmitted to the PC. The data is shown and put away, the framework is of the over going caution capacity.
Consider the transmitter segment piece chart where the three temperatures are utilized. These are put close rail track. By these temperature sensors the rail temperature can be measured. For specific temperature the railroad tracks which are of iron material will extend if an edge of temperature rises then that causes an uncertain shape for the rail line tracks, this reasons impacts on rail line transportation so when the temperature achieves edge temperature then it will be observed by the controller, when that specific occurrence happens then controller send message to GSM to make an impression on control station that there is a variation from the norm in rail line tracks because of temperature raise.
At the beneficiary side the transmitter messages will be gotten and will be sent to PC where a Dot Net application will be running. Here Dot Net application will get the messages and it will demonstrate the observing temperature to the client controller. The application likewise keeps up the temperature's database regarding time and date utilizing framework date and time.
·        Used in railway tracks
·        Used in industries where temperature maintenance is important
·        Remote engines etc
·        Low cost
·        Easy to implement
·        User friendly

·        There may time delay due to network problems

1.     Microcontroller - P89V51RD2 – Phillips.
2.     LM35 Temperature Sensor
3.     ADC0809
4.     LCD Display
5.     GSM

1.     Embedded C
2.     Keil Compiler
3.     Orcad Capture
4.     Flash Magic
5.     DOTNET


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