Payroll Management System

This report completely and formally portrays the prerequisites of the proposed said undertaking framework. It sets out the useful and non-useful necessities and incorporates a portrayal of the client interface and documentation and preparing prerequisites. 

Finance Management framework is to give an alternative to create the pay consequently consistently. This product likewise outfitted with to enter the participation of every worker in the association, it help them to track every representative participation, in view of this we can create the compensation. The product constructed to create individual pay slip and outline of the finance. It additionally has choice to create the report for Provident Fund and ESI. So they can take the print out of Provident Fund and ESI to submit to the office. 

Video Recording Software Requirements Specification (SRS)


This report completely and formally depicts the necessities of the proposed said venture framework. It sets out the practical and non-useful necessities and incorporates a depiction of the client interface and documentation and preparing prerequisites.
A SRS is essentially an association's understanding (in composing) of a client or potential customer's framework prerequisites and conditions at a specific point in time (as a rule) before any genuine configuration or advancement work. It's a two-way protection strategy that guarantees that both the customer and the association comprehend alternate's necessities from that viewpoint at a given point in time.

Warehouse Management System.

The venture entitled WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is created as a major aspect of the VI Semester RDBMS bundle venture for the fractional satisfaction of the BCA degree. 

Distribution center MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a product application keep up the records identified with buy, deals, returns, stock upgrading streams and the reorder level of music store. 

Student Database Management

This Student Database has been outlined considering the handy needs to deal with a Students' information. Also, it gives security at item level and in addition client level. Its configuration focuses on 2 sorts of clients:
1.       Administrator
2.       Students 

This Database takes after a normal occasion stream seen in such a framework. The database essentially is from the understudy perspective. Since the understudy is the focal point of the framework, all the different records in the database spin around the understudy exercises. A portion of the other free classifications of information incorporate the library office, fest, sports, social exercises and graduated class affiliation. 

All such data helps the whole gang to think about the advancement accomplished by the establishment. Each understudy can be given uncommon consideration by knowing his execution in the database. What's more, if the association is competent to put it on a LAN then regardless it includes more adaptability for the association staff. 

          Student Profile: Student Details, Address, Admission Details, Dependent Details.
          Attendance Details: Total no of classes, No of classes went to by understudy for every subject.
          Internal and Examination Information: Takes Data for each of the 3 internals and Exam Details.

          Supports Data Management for finding:
        Student in every Department by URN.
        Internal Average Marks Scored.
        Attendance Shortage.
        Exam Result. 

          Addition of Student Profile.
          Addition of Department Details and its Corresponding Subjects.
          Modify or Delete Student Profile.
          Modify Attendance and Examination Results. 

          List of Students' in every Department.
          List of Attendance for every Student Department-wise.
          List of Examination Status for every Student Department-wise. 

So regarding this we have taken up a little work here, wherein we have added to a database for Students' Attendance and Examination Database that can hold the Institute in great stead. 


Our Database is a storage facility of data with respect to the different Student and the different properties typified in it. To keep up such an enormous rundown of assorted information, the Institution can't bear to keep up paper-work, as it is tedious and has more opportunities to information misfortune and trustworthiness misfortune. The enormous measure of information can be made effectively viable and available, by the utilization of PCs. Business RDBMS like Oracle can facilitate the procedure of such a mechanization. 

Our Database Management task means to give mechanized interface to all the information to be controlled and put away, utilizing Oracle and Visual Basic. The application accommodates, 

1.       Retrieval of any information in view of specific criteria
2.       Storage of information, and its upkeep in a steady way
3.       Generation of altered reports in view of specific criteria
4.       Easy to utilize, interface with menus and structures, for clearer reversibility 

The application additionally does the fundamental information acceptance, so that excess or, superfluous copy information are kept from crawling into the database. It likewise traps the vast majority of the basic information section mistakes. 

The Application separates between 2 sorts of clients. One classification is of Students who simply need to get data about their individual subtle elements for participation and Examination data. The regulatory client is another classification, why should approved include, erase and alter the database content. He can include New Department, comparing Subjects. He can likewise enter Student data, all the while.

The accompanying are the product that will be utilized as a part of finishing the venture:
        ORACLE 8 (individual release): As a back end to store the information. Prophet is picked since it is vigorous and easy to utilize.
        Visual Basic 6.0: As the front end to make easy to understand window interface. Visual fundamental gives exhaustive components that help in planning in point of interest. 

The accompanying is a synopsis of the capacities that the framework is relied upon to perform:
          Provide separate access to individual Student and head such that just the executive has the privilege to include, erase and adjust the different administrations offered by the framework.
          Provide the overseer with alternatives to include the same number of Students, Departments, relating Subjects as required.
          The overseer must be furnished with rights to change the Student information store..
          Provision to create reports and make inquiries in any fancied way. 

Any individual with fundamental PC aptitudes can make utilization of the item. The client ought to have just been informed about the usefulness of the framework before he can begin utilizing the framework. 

The creators expect to redesign the framework to a LAN empowered multi client framework other than giving network to the web to general programmed updating of the information put away in the framework. 

          The essential administrations that the Student Database System incorporate
          Entry of New Students' to the Department
          Entry of Attendance Information
          Entry of Examination Marks
          Provide individual and Department-wise reports.
          Update the understudy profile contingent upon Attendance and Exam Status.
          The framework should accommodate secret key secured head access to include, erase and change the fundamental administrations offered by the framework.

          The framework might accommodate putting away of Student individual points of interest alongside his Attendance and Examination marks.
          Individual Student report : Includes individual points of interest of individuals.
          Department-wise report: Lists every one of the representatives right now dynamic
          User Interface and Security:
          Menu based Interface
          Floating Pop-up menu
          Customized Background Picture
          File based Encrypted Password Handling

Product Stock Management

The venture entitled PRODUCT STOCK MANAGEMENT is to keep up the stock in the distribution centre. 

Item STOCK MANAGEMENT is a product application maintain the records identified with merchandise in, products out and stock. 

The fundamental target of the application is to robotize the current arrangement of physically maintain the records of the products in, merchandise out and stock. 

This application can be utilized by any stockroom to keep up the stock record. 

The exchanges identified with Goods In, Good Out and returns are kept up physically at present alongside keeping up the records of the clients and the suppliers.
All these are to be mechanized and an application is required to relate every one of them generally and consistently so that the present framework can be supplanted and acknowledged without real changes and issues. 

The application ought to give speedy access to the records kept up and must uncover the critical surveys about the business so that the development can be effectively contrasted and ought to give and the different reports demonstrating the related subtle elements so that the essential choices could be taken effortlessly. 

A SRS is essentially an association's understanding (in composing) of a client or potential customer's framework necessities and conditions at a specific point in time (more often than not) preceding any genuine configuration or improvement work. It's a two-way protection strategy that guarantees that both the customer and the association comprehend alternate's necessities from that viewpoint at a given point in time. 

The SRS archive itself states in exact and express dialect those capacities and abilities a product framework must give, and in addition expresses any required imperatives by which the framework must stand. The SRS additionally works as an outline for finishing a task with as meagre expense development as could reasonably be expected. The SRS is regularly alluded to as the "guardian" record on the grounds that all ensuing task administration reports, for example, outline particulars, explanations of work, programming structural planning details, testing and approval arrangements, and documentation arrangements, are identified with it. 

It's imperative to take note of that a SRS contains utilitarian and nonfunctional necessities just; it doesn't offer outline proposals, conceivable answers for innovation or business issues, or whatever other data other than what the advancement group comprehends the client's framework prerequisites to be. 

A very much planned, elegantly composed SRS fulfils four noteworthy objectives:

        It gives criticism to the client. A SRS is the client's affirmation that the improvement association comprehends the issues or issues to be tackled and the product conduct important to address those issues. In this way, the SRS ought to be composed in regular dialect, in an unambiguous way that may likewise incorporate outlines, tables, information stream charts, choice tables, et cetera.

        It deteriorates the issue into segment parts. The straightforward demonstration of recording programming necessities in a very much composed configuration arranges data, spots fringes around the issue, cements thoughts, and separates the issue into its segment parts in a systematic manner.

        It serves as a data to the configuration particular. As said already, the SRS serves as the guardian report to consequent archives, for example, the product outline determination and proclamation of work. In this manner, the SRS must contain adequate point of interest in the utilitarian framework prerequisites so that a configuration arrangement can be formulated.

        It serves as an item acceptance check. The SRS additionally serves as the guardian report for testing and acceptance techniques that will be connected to the prerequisites for check.

SRS are ordinarily created amid the first phases of "Prerequisites Development," which is the starting item improvement stage in which data is accumulated about what necessities are required - and not. This data get-together stage can incorporate nearby visits, polls, studies, interviews, and maybe an arrival on-venture (ROI) examination or needs investigation of the client or customer's present business environment. The genuine detail, then, is composed after the necessities have been assembled and investigated.

The National Bureau of Standards, IEEE (Standard No: 830-1984), and the U.S Department of Defence have all proposed competitor positions for programming prerequisites details. The general structure is actualized with the related programming application 

The undertaking entitled PRODUCT STOCK MANAGEMENT is created as a component of the VI Semester RDBMS bundle venture for the incomplete satisfaction of the BCA degree. It is a product application maintaing the records identified with every one of the exchanges happening at the counter of a shop. 

The principle target is to keep up the stock records of a non specific shop which bargains in musical tapes.
        To keep records of Goods in, Goods Out
        To know the present position of the Stock
        Transaction report
        Stock upkeep 

As this is non specific programming it can be utilized by a wide assortment of outlets (Retailers and Wholesalers) to robotize the procedure of physically keeping up the records identified with the subject of keeping up the stock and material streams. 

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Apartment Management System

The principle point of the undertaking is to give utility to keep up everyday operations of lofts. This product helps them to store all exchanges electronically in a framework, which thus spares part time, cash and vitality. 

This undertaking is created for a rumoured development organization in the city. This organization manufactured numerous in this city and they have an arrangement to build numerous different flats in the city. In the blink of an eye they keep up all records physically, to stay informed regarding deals, receipts, portions, upkeep and so forth., The organization is developing numerous flats consistently, now it is extremely hard to deal with all the information physically, likewise if some data is required direly then to acquire this is exceptionally troublesome. To take care of this issue now they are searching for better option arrangement. 


To deal with every one of the exchanges we proposed herewith a product arrangement which will fare thee well all the essential exchanges. On usage of this product it will help them from multiple points of view. The present framework will have the accompanying modules.
a.       Apartment points of interest
b.       Block Details
c.       Individual Apartment Details
d.       Apartment Owner Details

e.       Apartment Allotment Details
f.       Installment Receipts
g.       Monthly Maintenance costs
h.       Monthly Maintenance charge era
i.        Monthly Maintenance receipt
j.        Reports 

This venture will help the manufacturer to oversee everyday exchanges effortlessly. By making it as a general venture we can offer this task to numerous developers. 

Equipment and Software prerequisite
Equipment Requirement
Processor                       :         Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz or more
RAM                              :         1 GB or More
Hard disk                       :         80GB or more
Monitor                         :         15" CRT, or LCD screen
Keyboard                       :         Normal or Multimedia
Mouse                            :         Compatible mouse