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Payroll Management System

ABSTRACT This report completely and formally portrays the prerequisites of the proposed said undertaking framework. It sets out the useful and non-useful necessities and incorporates a portrayal of the client interface and documentation and preparing prerequisites.  PRESENTATION Finance Management framework is to give an alternative to create the pay consequently consistently. This product likewise outfitted with to enter the participation of every worker in the association, it help them to track every representative participation, in view of this we can create the compensation. The product constructed to create individual pay slip and outline of the finance. It additionally has choice to create the report for Provident Fund and ESI. So they can take the print out of Provident Fund and ESI to submit to the office. 

Video Recording Software Requirements Specification (SRS)

DYNAMIC  This report completely and formally depicts the necessities of the proposed said venture framework. It sets out the practical and non-useful necessities and incorporates a depiction of the client interface and documentation and preparing prerequisites. A SRS is essentially an association's understanding (in composing) of a client or potential customer's framework prerequisites and conditions at a specific point in time (as a rule) before any genuine configuration or advancement work. It's a two-way protection strategy that guarantees that both the customer and the association comprehend alternate's necessities from that viewpoint at a given point in time.

Warehouse Management System.

PRESENTATION: The venture entitled WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is created as a major aspect of the VI Semester RDBMS bundle venture for the fractional satisfaction of the BCA degree.  VENTURE: Distribution center MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a product application keep up the records identified with buy, deals, returns, stock upgrading streams and the reorder level of music store. 

Student Database Management

This Student Database has been outlined considering the handy needs to deal with a Students' information. Also, it gives security at item level and in addition client level. Its configuration focuses on 2 sorts of clients: 1.        Administrator 2.        Students  This Database takes after a normal occasion stream seen in such a framework. The database essentially is from the understudy perspective. Since the understudy is the focal point of the framework, all the different records in the database spin around the understudy exercises. A portion of the other free classifications of information incorporate the library office, fest, sports, social exercises and graduated class affiliation.  All such data helps the whole gang to think about the advancement accomplished by the establishment. Each understudy can be given uncommon consideration by knowing his execution in the database. What's more, if the association is competent to put it on a LAN then regardless

Product Stock Management

PRESENTATION: The venture entitled PRODUCT STOCK MANAGEMENT is to keep up the stock in the distribution centre.  VENTURE: Item STOCK MANAGEMENT is a product application maintain the records identified with merchandise in, products out and stock.  OBJECTIVE: The fundamental target of the application is to robotize the current arrangement of physically maintain the records of the products in, merchandise out and stock.  SCOPE: This application can be utilized by any stockroom to keep up the stock record.  ISSUE DEFINITION: The exchanges identified with Goods In, Good Out and returns are kept up physically at present alongside keeping up the records of the clients and the suppliers. All these are to be mechanized and an application is required to relate every one of them generally and consistently so that the present framework can be supplanted and acknowledged without real changes and issues.  The application ought to give speedy access to the record

Apartment Management System

DESCRIPTION : The principle point of the undertaking is to give utility to keep up everyday operations of lofts. This product helps them to store all exchanges electronically in a framework, which thus spares part time, cash and vitality.  FOUNDATION : This undertaking is created for a rumoured development organization in the city. This organization manufactured numerous in this city and they have an arrangement to build numerous different flats in the city. In the blink of an eye they keep up all records physically, to stay informed regarding deals, receipts, portions, upkeep and so forth., The organization is developing numerous flats consistently, now it is extremely hard to deal with all the information physically, likewise if some data is required direly then to acquire this is exceptionally troublesome. To take care of this issue now they are searching for better option arrangement.  PROPOSED SYSTEM :  To deal with every one of the exchanges we proposed here