Apartment Management System

The principle point of the undertaking is to give utility to keep up everyday operations of lofts. This product helps them to store all exchanges electronically in a framework, which thus spares part time, cash and vitality. 

This undertaking is created for a rumoured development organization in the city. This organization manufactured numerous in this city and they have an arrangement to build numerous different flats in the city. In the blink of an eye they keep up all records physically, to stay informed regarding deals, receipts, portions, upkeep and so forth., The organization is developing numerous flats consistently, now it is extremely hard to deal with all the information physically, likewise if some data is required direly then to acquire this is exceptionally troublesome. To take care of this issue now they are searching for better option arrangement. 


To deal with every one of the exchanges we proposed herewith a product arrangement which will fare thee well all the essential exchanges. On usage of this product it will help them from multiple points of view. The present framework will have the accompanying modules.
a.       Apartment points of interest
b.       Block Details
c.       Individual Apartment Details
d.       Apartment Owner Details

e.       Apartment Allotment Details
f.       Installment Receipts
g.       Monthly Maintenance costs
h.       Monthly Maintenance charge era
i.        Monthly Maintenance receipt
j.        Reports 

This venture will help the manufacturer to oversee everyday exchanges effortlessly. By making it as a general venture we can offer this task to numerous developers. 

Equipment and Software prerequisite
Equipment Requirement
Processor                       :         Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz or more
RAM                              :         1 GB or More
Hard disk                       :         80GB or more
Monitor                         :         15" CRT, or LCD screen
Keyboard                       :         Normal or Multimedia
Mouse                            :         Compatible mouse 


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