Banking Administration

The concerned bank serves in funds, present, settled and repeating stores. With the increment of the clients and interests in the bank, the bank should be automated to give better support of their clients. 

The bank offers the accompanying four stores:
        Savings Account
        Current Account
        Recurring Deposit 

We go for computerizing the exchanges and keeping up of the related information’s of the four stores and we additionally go for presenting ATM office for the bank for giving better support of the clients. 

Under this module the bank account of the clients are taken care of. Hobby will be computed and the governing body chooses the rate.
The assignments executed here are:
        Create new records for clients
        Enter the store, withdrawal i.e., exchange and recovery data
        Edit any client data
        Calculated interest
        Generate day by day reports, specific record number's report, report of exchange between the two dates and so on. 

Under this model current bookkeeping is taken care of. No hobby is recompensed here.

The undertakings actualized here are:
        Create new records for clients
        Enter the store, pull back i.e., exchange and recovery data
        Edit new client data
        Generate day by day reports, specific record the two dates and so on. 

Under this module just repeating store comes. There will be enthusiasm for which the top managerial staff will choose the rate. In this the client for which he/she didn't pay the portions effectively ought to pay a punishment. The governing body will settle this punishment rate.
In this interface the client in control will have the capacity to:
        Create new repeating stores
        Enter the data of client, the store
        Edit any client data
        Calculate interest 

Processor    :         Pentium IV Intel Dual Core 2.0GHz or more
Memory      :         1GB RAM
Show Unit  :         15" Color Monitor
Keyboard    :         IBM PC Compatible
Mouse         :         IBM PC Compatible

Working System :         Windows XP with administration pack 2 or above

Windows Vista
Creating Tool       :         Visual Basic 2005 Express release or above
With Sql Server reduced version Visual Basic 2008 Express release or above  With Sql Server smaller release

Database              :         Microsoft Sql Server 

Venture : Apartment Management System
Depiction : The fundamental point of the task is to give utility to keep up everyday operations of lofts. This product help them to store all exchanges electronically in a framework, which thusly spares part time, cash and vitality. 

Foundation : This venture is created for a presumed development organization in the city. This organization assembled numerous condo in this city and they have an arrangement to develop numerous different lofts in the city. Shortly they keep up all records physically, to stay informed concerning deals, receipts, portions, upkeep and so on., The organization is developing numerous condo consistently, now it is exceptionally hard to deal with all the information physically, additionally if some data is required earnestly then to acquire this is extremely troublesome. To take care of this issue now they are searching for better option arrangement. 

Proposed System : To deal with every one of the exchanges we proposed herewith a product arrangement which will fare thee well all the fundamental exchanges. On usage of this product it will help them from various perspectives. The present framework will have the accompanying modules. 

a.       Apartment subtle elements
b.       Block Details
c.       Individual Apartment Details

d.       Apartment Owner Details
e.       Apartment Allotment Details
f.       Instalment Receipts
g.       Monthly Maintenance costs
h.       Monthly Maintenance charge era
i.        Monthly Maintenance receipt
j.        Reports 

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