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Vehicle Steering Sharing to Prevent Accidents

This paper shows a driver help framework which is utilized for path flight of vehicles and likewise examination of its working and soundness regarding changes in the conduct of driver. The driver help framework, which is computerization , was outlined based on the idea of sharing the control of directing wheel with the driver/human. Its planning wad created from the sneak peak of cod river framework which is a semi programmed framework. The vehicle guiding help controller is outlined utilizing a driver model as a part of request to consider the driver's expectations specifically bend arrangement. 

Vehicle Speed Control System

Theoretical    The research center on unifying the Global Positioning framework with inserted remote framework is the new approaches in intelligent vehicle control for basic remote area application utilizing ARM .In customary framework they are intended to control the velocity of vehicles in all days. The primary goal of the proposed framework is to work the vehicle in safe rate at basic zones. The base station having the transmitter which is intended for Frequency Adjustment (FM) , the beneficiary part is executed in Vehicle.