Floor planning is a noteworthy issue in the large scale incorporated (VLSI) circuit plan mechanization. It decides the size, dependability, execution and zone of the chip. The primary target of VLSI floor planning is to minimize both region and wire length at the same time. This paper proposes another floor plan representation called Corner List (CL) representation for non cutting floor plan. Since VLSI floor planning is the Non deterministic Polynomial time Hard Problem (NP Hard), a mixture of Cuckoo Search (CS) and Molecule Swarm Optimization (PSO) is utilized to tackle this issue. 

Corner list representation is utilized to speak to the underlying floor plan and used proposed calculation to discover the optimal situation arrangement. Exploratory results on Microelectronics Center of North Carolina (MCNC) and Gig scale Systems Research Center (GSRC) benchmark circuits demonstrates that the proposed calculation is successful and all around streamlined floor plan is gotten Floor planning is turning out to be more essential for large scale mix (VLSI) physical outline. Floor planning is the procedure of arranging the course of action of modules in such a way, to the point that zone what's more, interconnection wire length ought to be minimized. As indicated by Moore's Law , the quantity of transistors gets multiplied for at regular intervals. This outcomes in expanding the multifaceted nature of the circuits. The element size of the IC is impressively downsized, which results in an expansion in pursuit many-sided quality. This makes the IC design more mind boggling and compares to NP Difficult Problem. Floor planning can be spoken to by utilizing a distinctive approach, for example, diagram based, tree based or succession -based representation. VLSI floor planning is a NP Difficult issue and it can be settled utilizing heurist ic and meta heuristic calculation. Hereditary calculation has been turned out to be an effective technique to settle VLSI floor planning. Another heuristic calculation, Particle Swarm Optimization can likewise be connected to illuminate NP Difficult Problem and VLSI floor plan trial results demonstrate that PSO has better looking capacity than Simulated Annealing (SA). The point of interest of the PSO calculation is that it abstains from falling into neighborhood least and shows a quick meeting rate. The principle disadvantage of the PSO calculation is that it has frail neighborhood seek capacity. With a specific end goal to overcome this downside, PSO calculation is hybridized with Cuckoo seek calculation. Cuckoo Search (CS), initially presented by Yang and Deb (2009) in 2009, is another meta heuristic seek calculation roused by the behavior of the feathered creature cuckoo. CS utilizes Levy flights instead of straightforward isotropic arbitrary strolls. The benefit of CS is that it has less parameter to be fine tuned when analyzed to hereditary calculation. The paper is organized as takes after. Segment 2 portrays the issue proclamation. Area 3 delineates the Corner list representation. Segment 4 audits the component of Hybrid PSOCS. Segment 5 talks about exploratory results. At last, Section 6 closes the paper Non cutting floor plan: Non cutting floor plan is more regular than cutting floor plan. Every one of the youngsters of the given cell can't be acquired by bisecting the floor plan. This is called non cutting floor plan. Horizontal limitation chart and vertical limitation chart can be utilized to display a non cutting floor plan. In a limitation chart, a hub speaks to a module productive and successful technique for non cutting floor plan representation. CL can have the capacity to perform change between floor plan format and representation of floor plan is n times speedier than moving piece arrangement . Time multifaceted nature and pursuit space of corner succession is like corner rundown, however CL has more corners than that of corner succession. Along these lines, CL representation is better when contrasted with moving square grouping and corner succession. The specialized term utilized as a part of CL calculation is given as takes after
Definition 1: Consider two sham modules mb and ml. These modules are thought to be at base and left limits of floor plan, having measurements of [ , 0] and [0, ] individually. Set of modules is spoken to by M, and discretionary corner in the arrangement of corner rundown is given by C.


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