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The procedure of Cryptography happens with Audio File for exchanging more secure touchy information. The Sensitive Data is Encoded with an Audio File and Passed over Insecure Channels to flip side of Systems.


The extent of the task is extremely endless, as it targets expansive no of individuals dwelling over the world. It increased most extreme clients over the world.


Security regularly requires that information be kept safe from unapproved access. What's more, the best line of guard is physical security (setting the machine to be ensured behind physical dividers). Be that as it may, physical security is not generally a choice (because of expense and/or effectiveness contemplations). Rather, most PCs are interconnected with each other straightforwardly, along these lines uncovering them and the correspondence channels that they utilize.

Cryptography secures data by ensuring its secrecy. It can likewise be utilized to ensure data about the uprightness and credibility of information. More grounded cryptographic procedures are expected to guarantee the respectability of information put away on a machine that might be tainted or under assault.

So far Cryptography is utilized as a part of numerous structures however utilizing it with Audio documents is another Stronger Techniques. Here we are utilizing .wav record Format for Encryption and Decryption of Message.

The given message will be encoded with a given sound document utilizing a mystery key. The System will then implant the mystery message into the sound record. The outcome will be another sound record, which has the mystery message in it. While decoding the same key ought to be given for encoded sound record to get the mystery message from it.


On the off chance that a man sends delicate data over the shaky channels of the framework then there might be a possibility of hacking it, they can modify the data and sends it over the net. (Illustration is military persons sending touchy data over the net. This issue has been explained by the proposed framework.


In the proposed framework the above issue has been understood by implanting the information into the sound document. Before inserting it into the record, encryption operation will be performed by utilizing the encryption key which is given by the source. At that point this sound record will be ignored the net, regardless of the possibility that programmer hacks it, can have the capacity to see just a sound document. At the destination side this information will be scrambled from sound document and performs decoding to get unique message.


        Graphical User Interface.

        Encryption, Decryption with Audio File.



This module creates the UI through which a client skims the sound record and can play and stop the sound document. This GUI contains diverse fields, for example, content zone for entering message and catches for encryption and decoding.


Amid encryption, sound document will be made and in this sound record. In this sound document LSB of the every byte will be supplanted by the encoded information which is created by the blend of the encryption key and the plain content i.e., the first message. At that point this sound record will be sent to the beneficiary. At beneficiary side this scrambled information will be removed from each LSB and performs decoding operation on it and gives unique data.


§  Processor:: Pentium-III (or) Higher

§   Ram:: 64MB (or) Higher

§  Cache:: 512MB

§  Hard disk:: 10GB



§  Tools:: Micro Soft Front

§  Operating System::  Windows.NET/2000

§  Languages:: Java 2 Standard Edition