Coders Junction

The fundamental point of this anticipates is to give outsourcing of the designers on the web.
Coders Junction is an administration that associates developers with purchasers who need custom programming accomplished for their sites. Much like a sale, programming undertakings are posted and intrigued software engineers offer on them. 

The framework needs to deal with the accompanying errands:
·        Registration for new purchasers and software engineers.
·        Buyers posting another venture with the accompanying information
                     Project name and classification.
                     Languages and databases to be utilized.
                     Bidding close date.
·        Programmers seeing task subtle elements.
·        Programmers getting some information about the tasks and offer if intrigued.
·        Buyers seeing his posted ventures, noting the inquiries postured by software engineers and review the offers.
·        Programmers presenting the finished ventures by transferring the undertaking.
·        Buyers seeing the submitted extends and downloading the ventures.
1.       Security and Accounts module
2.       Projects posting module
3.       Querying and Bidding module
4.       Bidding Module
5.       File Management module
This module gives the confirmation to purchasers and software engineers. All Programmers and Buyers must login into the site to view most recent undertakings, Bid ventures, Ask/view Queries, Submit ventures. Their usernames and passwords must be ensured by utilizing this module which implies that for every individual there must be an extraordinary username and secret key. We can put different requirements to secure usernames and passwords like username, secret word must be interesting and so on.
This module gives the purchasers venture subtle elements.
3. Questioning MODULE
This module gives the backhanded connection between the purchasers and the developers.
4. Offering MODULE

In this module, the software engineers see the most recent activities and offer for the ventures.
Software engineers present the finished activities by transferring the venture. Here software engineer submit extend either physically or online procedure.
Programming USED:
Web Server Outline Work       :         Tomcat 6.0 Struts 1.2
Server-side Technologies                   :        Java, Java Server Pages
Customer side Technologies    :         Hyper Text Markup Language, Cascading Style Sheets, Java Script, AJAX
Operating System :         Windows (or) Linux (or) Mac any rendition
Equipment USED:
·        Hard plate : 40 GB
·        RAM : 512 MB
·        Processor Speed : 3.00GHz
·        Processor : Pentium IV Processor


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