Widespread Dossier is an idea of open or private sharing of PC information or space in a system with different levels of access benefits. 
Widespread Dossier is an idea of open or private sharing of PC information or space in a system with different levels of access benefit. While documents can without much of a stretch be shared outside a system (for instance, essentially by giving or mailing somebody your record), the term Universal Dossier nearly implies sharing documents in a system, regardless of the possibility that in a little neighbourhood.

All inclusive Dossier quite often implies sharing records in a system, regardless of the fact that in a little neighbourhood. All inclusive Dossier permits various individuals to utilize the same document. Widespread Dossier can likewise mean having an assigned measure of individual document stockpiling in a typical record framework. It empowers to make a focal vault for sorting out our organizers. Inside these envelopes we can make our own particular organizers and we can transfer our documents into it. Widespread Dossier System furnishes a record administration with secure access control, imparting and supporting File to in the enlisted clients.
Existing System
The initial step of preparatory study in the framework examination process includes the recognizable proof of requirements for New Universal Dossier. The inspiration driving this anticipate is to give access of various documents to client over the system.
A portion of the troubles are
        Registration is Compulsory for User to get to or transfer or download the records.
        Differentiating the records in view of there document sort.
        User can just transfer or download the record however he can't change it.
        Manager has all functionalities of client and also he can change the documents.
        Managers can see reports in document structure.
        Managers have complete report on document transferred and downloaded.
Proposed System
All inclusive Dossier is programming where clients can download the records over the systems which are transferred by various clients over the system. Every client ought to have all validations to get to the documents from the system. Supervisor ought to have all rights to get to, alter or erase the documents from system. The functionalities for Managers or ordinary User will be distinctive.
A portion of the components of the proposed framework are:
        Universal Dossier ought to be something else when contrasted and other software's.
        Restrictions are for typical clients where they can't go further.
        They ought to be some contrast between typical client and Manager.
        They ought to be a few records which can un-approved for ordinary clients.
        For all age bunches, not for specific age bunch.
        Easy to impart records online to availability and authorizations.
        All approval and validation depend on the username and secret key.
        Manager has choice of review records present in every class in server.
        Manager will have complete insights about documents and its classification.
The framework" Universal Dossier" comprises of 6 modules.
1. Security Module
2. Organizer and Sub Folder Module
3. Transfer Module
4. Download Module
5. Sharing Module
6. Dynamic Report Generation Module
Security Module:
This security module assumes a basic part. We can give security to clients, through id and secret key. With the goal that it keeps the client from review the unapproved data. Clients without appropriate Username and Password won't have consents to enter the site.
Security module manages all User Authentication and Authorization process. Client can enroll with the Universal Dossier and can turn into a Registered User.
Envelope and Sub Folder Module:
This module manages organizer present in server which are sorted to various envelope in view of the document sort. Organizers are masterminded putting away the records concerning their document sort. All records are orchestrated in a manner that client can without much of a stretch access documents. Distinctive documents are put away in their individual organizer like all music records are put away in music envelope or sub envelope. This sort of methodology is helpful on the grounds that client can without much of a stretch pursuit in view of what sort of record they require.
Transfer Module:
Client can transfer they records to server to particular organizers. Transferring can accomplish for the enrolled client just or directors. Transfer is procedure of keeping the record in server and it can use by various client who are all enlisted with Universal Dossier. Document transferring should be possible taking into account there record sort. Transferring of records should be possible by either client or director. Much administrator can alter it or upgrade it through Universal Dossier.
Download Module:
Downloading of documents happens through system and absolutely on the web. Server is in charge of giving connection to download the record. Records are generally downloaded in view of interest for it. Server ought to have full ability to give the client the record. Server down or up depends on the record which is for the most part chosen by client who need to download that specific document as it were.
Sharing Module:
Client can impart the document to different clients who need to provide for they companions over the system. Sharing of records is happened between two unique clients or different clients over the system. Sharing records are choice one for client and in addition chiefs in Universal Dossier.
Dynamic Report Generation Module:
Clients don't have consent to see the document structure in the server. Document structure make chief much less demanding for looking the record and finish insights about record like when it is transferred or changed. Chief has this additional component when contrasted with typical client.
This sort of report helps Manager to think about his documents or other record in server.
Hard Ware Requirements
Processor:: Pentium-III (or) Higher
 Ram:: 64MB (or) Higher
 Cache:: 512MB
Hard circle:: 10GB
Delicate Ware Requirements
Tools:: Micro Soft Front
Operating System:: WindowsNT/2000
Server Side:: JSP with Tomcat Server
Client Side:: HTML ,JavaScr
Services:: JDBC
Database:: My SQL
 Integrated Development Environment: NetBeans 6.5


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