The point of the task is to make delicate distributed online..
The primary reason for existing is that the delicate information is recorded alongside particulars of the items, their details and conditions. Tenders distributed will be unmistakable to the guests of the site till the end date of delicate. 

Here, the whole procedure of tendering is done on the web.
        Buyers distribute tenders.
        Tenders comprise of item name, its particulars, amount and so on.
        Suppliers sign in and view the delicate subtle elements.
        If the supplier is new, he enrolls in the site.
        Supplier can posture questions on the off chance that he has any.
        Buyers answer the questions postured by suppliers.
        If intrigued, supplier offers for the item. Purchasers see the offer and select the best offer.
The real modules of the undertaking are
        Security and Accounts module
        Product Management module
        Tender Management module
        Querying and Bidding Module
Security and Accounts Module:
This determination is furnished with protection to avert access to the unapproved client accounts. This can be improved with a Pretty Good Privacy to give security to different records.
Item Management module:
Here the Administrator distributes tenders on the web. As a piece of it, delicate information is recorded alongside the particulars of items, their determinations and conditions. Tenders recorded will be noticeable to the guests of the site on a specific date as said in the information.
Delicate Management module:
Here the executive adjusts the delicate if required, that is the particulars of items their details and conditions can be altered
Questioning and Bidding Module:
Here suppliers login and view the tenders points of interest. On the off chance that the suppliers are new, he enlists in the site. Suppliers can posture inquiries in the event that he has any. at that point purchasers answer the inquiries postured by the suppliers.
Here if intrigued, Suppliers offer the item. Purchasers see the offer and select the best offer.
Hard Ware Requirements
·        Processor:: Pentium-II(or) Higher
·        Ram:: 512MB (or) Higher
·        Cache:: 512MB
·        Hard plate:: 10GB
Delicate Ware Requirements
        Web Server :         Tomcat 5.5
        Server-side Technologies         :         Java, Java Server Pages
        Client-side Technologies          :         Hyper Text Markup Language, Cascading Style Sheets, Java Script
        Database Server   :         Oracle 10g
        Operating System :         Windows (or) Linux (or) Mac any adaptation


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