Intranet mailing System

The fundamental point of this anticipates is to encourages mailing among clients of an Intranet.
The proposed framework degree is constrained to Intranet as it were. It can be upgraded to be a worldwide correspondence medium for multinational organizations. We can likewise execute internationalization (i18n) to bolster UI in different/neighbourhood dialects. 

The Intranet Mailing System is appropriate to this quickly developing world where each qualified individual is in critical need of occupation, they join places, working at odd times The association have shift frameworks and it gets to be troublesome for a representative of one movement to speak with another worker on an alternate movement. In these circumstances the Intranet Mailing System demonstrates its value, if the association has an Intranet Mailing office accessible to every one of its representatives then every worker can enlist himself and send sends to some other enrolled worker and therefore making the correspondence less demanding No need of paying cash for the mailing facility(i.e. free of expense).

The sends that the representatives send achieve the destination with less time than web. In spite of the fact that the intranet Mailing System works in a comparable manner as that of an Intranet Mailing System, there is no compelling reason to get an Internet association for our mailing framework. The different branches of the association can be associated with a solitary host server and afterward a worker of inside association can just utilize this office. In one branch can make an impression on a worker of another branch through the server.
Existing System
        Present System is physically giving administrations to representatives of divisions of an Organization. Representatives need to go offices to know some specific data. Once in a while data is passed by physically between offices. This manual framework will require some serious energy to pass the data and in some cases it causes loss of data too. There by creating loss of representative time too. Hence the present framework expressed is time taking, unreliable and unreasonable.
Proposed System
As association develops in size as far as divisions and functionalities, it requires a brisk and productive framework to accomplish moment correspondence b/w workers of same office or b/w offices. The proposed framework "Intranet Mailing System" serves association's needs in a reliable and straightforward way. It ought to provide food the requirements of data sharing. It permits the clients to trade their perspectives through sends and send electronic documents through connections. It ought to have every customary thing, for example, sent things, inbox, drafts and so on. The clients are permits to send sends to various clients utilizing to, cc and bcc as well. Along these lines the framework caters unconstrained necessities of the association.
The framework "Intranet Mailing System" comprises of 4 modules.
1.       User Profile Management
2.       Mailing
3.       Contacts
Hard Ware Requirements:
        Pentium processor:233 MHZ or above
        RAM Capacity :128MB
        Hard Disk :20GB
Delicate Ware Requirements:

          Web Presentation: HTML, CSS
          Client – side Scripting: JavaScript
          Programming Language: Java
          Web based Technologies: JNDI, Servlets, JSP
          Database Connectivity API: JDBC
          Backend Database: Oracle
          Operating System: Windows XP/2000/2003, LINUX, Solaris
          J2EE Web/Application Server: Tomcat
          IDEs: Eclipse with My Eclipse modules
          Browser: IE/Mozilla


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