Law Firm

The primary point of this anticipate was to build up a data framework to help Praxis Partners Solicitors in the gathering of information identifying with the time spent by their workers on the cases as of now doled out to the firm.
The proposed framework degree is constrained to Intranet as it were. In future it can be improved to be a worldwide correspondence medium for multinational organizations. We can likewise execute internationalization (i18n) to bolster UI in different/nearby dialects. 

This was fundamentally identified with those representatives working off-site so reports can be created to figure out if staff is working as per their execution targets. In this anticipate law office can keep up a gathering of legal counselors. They can Manage the cases identified with the organization. The legal counselor can take their bill Based on their work the amount of time they are working.
In the current framework all the data is to be kept up on the paper based .The time recorded by their workers, whether they are specialists, secretarial or other helper staff, can be charged at a hourly rate to customers. The time passages that representatives record are changed over into "billable" sums and added to every customer's bill which Is endless supply of every case and gives general responsibility to every customer. Also every worker of the firm is set an execution target. Every representative who works specifically on cases, known as "expense workers" (this incorporates secretarial staff and individuals from some helper offices and also specialists), has a month to month focus to accomplish of 200 billable hours. That is, every senior employee6 is relied upon to put in 200 hours worth of billable work every month.
In the new framework all the data is to be kept up on the PC based. Each legal counselor can enter his working points of interest on the PC furthermore he can enter his working hours into the PC. The legal advisor can likewise see the case is relegated to him. He can bargain the specific case. The whole data is accessible on the overseer. The new customer can be entered by the executive. He can take all the data from the customer and he would one be able to id to the customer. The customer data is given to the attorney he can deal with the that specific case.
The law office comprises of taking after modules
Administrator module
Attorney Module
Administrator MODULE
The administrator contains all the data about the association . he can Add the new client points of interest and he can include the new legal advisor subtle elements .If another case is to be discovered then he can appointed to that case to the Particular legal advisor . he can take the new cases and the case sort . He see All the points of interest of the cases and the case doled out to legal advisor . He can gather Bill from the clients . he can include the sitting cases and he can get ready For time sheet to every attorney the amount of time ha can work .
Legal advisor MODULE
The legal advisor can go into the association and he can see which case is relegated to him. He can perceive the amount of time he can take a shot at A specific case. He can enter his working time. He can see the all the data identified with the case.
        Web Presentation: HTML, CSS
        Client – side Scripting: JavaScript
        Programming Language: Java
        Web based Technologies: JNDI, Servlets, JSP

        Database Connectivity API: JDBC
        Build Tool: ANT
        Debug Tool: Log 4J
        CASE instrument: Rational Rose, Visual Paradigm, Enterprise Architect
        Backend Database: Oracle/SQL Server/MY SQL/MS Access
        Operating System: Windows XP/2000/2003, LINUX, Solaris
        J2EE Web/Application Server: Tomcat/Web rationale/Web   
        IDEs: Eclipse with My Eclipse modules/Net Beans/RAD
Programming Requirements
        Pentium processor          - 233 MHZ or above
        RAM Capacity  -128MB
        Hard Disk  - 20GB
        Floppy circle - 1.44 MB


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