This report is planned as an abnormal state specialized prologue to steganography for those new to the field. It is coordinated at legal PC specialists who require a down to earth comprehension of steganography without diving into the arithmetic, in spite of the fact that references are given to a portion of the continuous exploration for the individual who needs or needs extra detail.

Steganography methods can be utilized to shroud information inside computerized picture with practically no noticeable change in the presence of the picture and can be abused to fare touchy data.

The mystery is encoded in another message in a way such that, to the easygoing spectator it is concealed. Subsequently the way that the mystery is being transmitted is additionally a mystery.

In this strategy installing information, which is to be covered up, into a picture requires two documents. The first is the guiltless looking picture that will hold the data, called Cover picture. The second record is the message or messages document which to be covered up. A message might be plain content, figure content, other picture.

A lot of data can be hidden in bit map picture records with practically zero noticeable corruption of picture. This procedure called Steganography is refined by supplanting the slightest critical bits in the pixel bytes with information to be covered up. Since the minimum critical pixel bits contribute next to no to the general appearance of the pixel. Supplanting these bits frequently has no detectable impact on the picture.

This application can be for the most part partitioned into two modules:
1.       Steg Module

2.       UnSteg Module


In this module User need to compose any mystery data in Text territory gave and need to choose an Image document to which User needs to affix the Secret Information Text. In the wake of Selecting the Image the handling of adding Secret Information to Image record happens. In Steg Module just the Secret Text Information and Image to which Secret Text Information will be chosen and the rest of the procedure go on in light of the pixels of picture and Text given.

In UnSteg module the Encrypted Image will be chosen and Steganography Application will begin decoding it with every last pixel of the Image and shows the yield i.e. Mystery Text Information. UnSteg module will acknowledge just the Image which has the shrouded instant message in it. Subsequent to unscrambling the Image the Secret Text Information will be shown from the Image by UnSteg Module.


2GHz Processor
20GB Hard circle

We utilize Java 2 standard release and Java Swings for composing the code for the venture. We can make our GUI by utilizing Swings for login screens and associating with other individuals. We require JDK adaptation to run this java programs.


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