Build up an online framework to give the administration of the stream of materials, data, and assets over the whole questions of production network. That implies the association keeps up the correspondence between various clients in the structure chain with respect to their items. 

The current framework is manual framework. Here in this present framework overseeing items or taking requests will pass by physically i.e. through phone or individual correspondence between the clients will be done through letters. The clients will get the bills by the post or by physical. 


By considering the issue s in the current built up the new framework furnishing with various interface. By this new framework clients can convey in an adaptable way. Here in this framework clients can make orders through on the web. By this framework all client can see the item subtle elements effectively. By this framework overall population clients can see the item points of interest. 

After cautious examination the accompanying modules have been outlined:
Administrator,Distributor,Registration,Communication, Reports, Authentication

Module Description
The User validation process through a Web Service by giving qualifications He is the proprietor of the site. He ought to have the capacity to give new Price List,       Product subtle elements of and so on the Home page.       He ought to likewise have rights to acknowledge the enlistment of the Manufacturer and Distributor. He ought to send new Price List, new Product subtle elements, and so on to the Distributor and Retailer through email. He ought to ready to send a SMS about new Product points of interest to Distributor and Retailer. 

Enlistment Module
This is a module through this general client can enlisted himself and in addition competitor .The client ought to give the Entire data about him with respect to address, contact No, E-Mail Id and so forth. Client ought to Upload the his picture at the season of enlistment. 

Through this module client can speak with different clients. That enlisted client can see his sends, and send sends to the individuals who have enrolled in this framework.
Client can join record if any through the framework. 

This is module the merchant can see the other wholesaler data and he can speak with executive through sends. 

This module is goes under administrator module as sub module. By the administrator can know whole insights about Product points of interest and can know the benefit about item in light of classification. He can know the maker and wholesaler points of interest as reports. 

Verification Module:
This module contains all the data about the verified clients. Client without his username and secret key can't go into the login in the event that he is just the verified client then he can enter to his login and afterward he will have approval based upon their parts. 

Programming Requirements:
Working System : Windows XP
Web server : tomcat 5.0
Driver : slim driver
Front end : Java
Scripts : Java script
Back end : prophet 8i 

Equipment Specification:
Processor                       : Pentium IV
RAM                              : 1 GB
Hard Disk                      : 40GB


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