Terminal Controller

The fundamental point of this anticipate is to control over terminals to the chairman. 
The goal of undertaking of this anticipate is to create windows based functionalities of the terminal frameworks associated through a system.

This framework actualizes Remote control at the application level. This anticipate controls the remote frameworks by playing out the terminal operations like shutdown, checking documents and its authorizations, and so forth. This framework helps in taking care of the operations of the manager, keeping in mind the end goal to maintain a strategic distance from time delay by executing the errands, from the server itself. 

1.       Remote Handling
2.       Remote File Searching
3.       Privileges
4.       Remote Process Management 


The Remote Handling module handles the terminal operations, for example, shutdown, restart and logoff, by determining the IP location of the remote framework. For this reason we are utilizing RMI (Remote Method Invocation) and Java Runtime class. 

This module requests that the executive enter the framework address on which he needs to play out the terminal operations. It likewise solicits the overseer to say one from the above three terminal operations to be performed on the remote framework. Once the director has affirmed the activity, a reverberation message is sent to the remote framework keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee whether the client is utilizing the framework or not. In the event of the framework being gotten to by the client a reaction is sent to the manager. The director can either suspend or proceed with his activities subsequent to accepting the reaction. 

The executive, for looking the records that he needs to get to, actualizes the Remote File Searching. For this reason we are utilizing File class as a part of java, which comprises of various strategies for playing out the record operations.
To look the required records, the executive needs to say the kind of document he needed to seek. The director likewise needs to determine the drive in which the document must be sought. Incase of the record sort not being specified, it seeks every one of the documents regardless of the record sort. After the finishing of the document seeking, the executive can download the record from the remote framework and play out the fancied operations on it. The head can transfer the altered document back to the remote framework. 

The Privileges module primarily handles the consents of the documents. The director seeks a specific document or an envelope and after that changes the record consents on it. The manager determines the way and after that the consents of the document are taken consideration. 

The document consents incorporate read, compose and concealed authorizations. The read consent empowers the client to just read the document. The compose consent empowers the client to peruse and also to alter the document and the concealed authorization conceals the record from the client. 


The executive utilizing this module can determine the arrangement of a specific framework. These arrangement points of interest can be gotten by indicating the IP location of the remote framework. These points of interest incorporate
        Total Physical Memory.
        Available Physical Memory.
        Maximum Virtual Memory Size.
        Available Virtual Memory Size.
        Host Name.
        Operating System Name and Version.
        Available Network Cards. 

The head utilizing this module can decide the procedures that are as of now running in a specific framework, present in a system. The executive by indicating the IP location of the remote framework gets the points of interest of the procedures. The overseer can end any of the procedure by selecting that specific procedure. By ending a procedure, that specific application will be halted. This module is like that of an undertaking chief present in the windows working framework. 

       JDK 1.5
       Java Swing
       MS-Access/SQL Server
       RMI (Remote Method Invocation) 

       Hard plate : 40 GB
       RAM : 512 MB
       Processor Speed : 3.00GHz
       Processor : Pentium IV Processor


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