Virtual Class Room

This anticipates is utilized to hold live classroom talk.
Virtual classroom permits teachers to convey electronic preparing to topographically administered understudies, representatives, business accomplices and clients.
The goal is to build up a virtual classroom framework to advance a more prominent number of understudies to rampage spend into the field of Education. It incorporates the advantages of a physical classroom with the accommodation of a 'no-physical-bar' virtual learning environment, short the driving dangers and costs.
 It will introduce the huge adaptability and advancement in the current learning stage structures, with the ideal mix of synchronous and non concurrent connection. It gives a method for collective learning for the understudies.
The present framework is a manual framework or a semi-mechanized framework. Manual framework includes paper work through keeping up different records and manuals. The manual framework gives us less security for sparing information; a few information might be lost because of blunder. It's a constrained framework and less easy to understand. Looking of specific data is exceptionally basic it requires part of investment. In the current framework understudies need to learn course in the classroom as it were. In the manual framework understudy need uncovered the parcel of time and cost. The current framework need to go to an area in which to take part in the course or lessons. There is no immediate association gave amongst resources and understudies. Exam leading and result declaration is a dull procedure.
The improvement of this new framework contains the accompanying exercises, which attempt to computerize the whole procedure keeping in the perspective of database joining approach. Ease of use is given in the application different controls gave by framework Rich User Interface. The framework makes the general undertaking administration much less demanding and adaptable. It can be gotten to over the Intranet. The client data records can be put away in concentrated database which can be kept up by the framework. This can give the great security for client data since information is not in customer machine. Validation is accommodated this application just enrolled individuals can get to. As the virtual classroom is one that expects to give the understudy an ordeal equivalent to or superior to the sort they would discover in a customary classroom, there are clearly numerous preferences of the virtual classroom to the understudy, and in addition the educator (or teacher) and the related instructive organization.

This anticipate is having five modules
1.       Security and Accounts
2.       Classroom module
3.       Online Examination
4.       Chat Room
5.       Doubts and their answers
6.       Attendance and Time table 
1.       Security and Accounts
The Login screen contains the understudy and staff Registration choices. This Login window ought to approve the client Id &pwd of a client.
Login Module contains the accompanying sub modules
       Staff Registration
       Student Registration
       Change Password
       Forget Password
2.       Classroom module
This office contains a White board on which the Instructor can compose and educate the lessons. This additionally has drawing apparatus bar by utilizing this teacher can draw the photos on the board. This office is given just to the teacher. Every one of these lessons will be spared, with the goal that understudies can likewise audit the lessons after the end of the session.
3.       Online Examination
Here the staff will set up the inquiry paper to direct the exam. Every one of these inquiries are put away in the database. The staff can adjust any inquiry or erase any inquiry through this office.
4.       Chat Room
This contains a talking window so Staff can speak with the understudies in the Virtual classroom.
5.       Doubts and their answers
Here every one of the questions send by the understudies will be seen by the relating teacher and he can give the response to every one of the questions there itself by utilizing the answer choice.
Here the understudy can see every one of the responses for the questions asked by every one of the understudies.
6.       Attendance and Time table
Here the Student needs to give his/her relating login name and month with the goal that he can see the subtle elements his participation rate.
Hardware Requirements:
Processor             :                  Pentium
Speed                    :                 233 MHz
Monitor                :                  samtron
                     HardDisk            :                  4.2 GB
                      RAM                 :                 128 MB
 Software Requirements:

Web Server
Tomcat 6.0
Server-side Technologies
Java, Java Server Pages, Servlets
Client-side Technologies
Hyper Text Markup Language, Cascading Style Sheets, Java Script
Database Server
Operating System
Windows (or) Linux (or) Mac any version


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