Video inconsistency identification can be utilized as a part of the transportation area to distinguish strange examples, for example, petty criminal offenses, mischance’s, dangerous driver conduct, road wrongdoing, and different suspicious exercises. A typical class of methodologies depends on item following and direction examination. Recently, inadequate remaking systems have been utilized in video peculiarity identification. The major basic presumption of these strategies is that any new element representation of an ordinary/irregular occasion can be roughly displayed as a (meager) direct blend pre named highlight representations (of beforehand watched occasions) in a preparation word reference.

Sparsity can be an intense earlier on model coefficients however challenges stay in the discovery of abnormalities including numerous articles and the capacity of the straight sparsity model to viably take into account class detachment. The proposed research addresses both these issues. To begin with, we build up another joint sparsity model for abnormality recognition that empowers the location of joint irregularities including different articles. 

This expansion is exceptionally nontrivial since it prompts another synchronous sparsity issue that we unravel utilizing a covetous interest strategy. Second, we bring non linearity into, that is, kernel. The direct sparsity model to empower predominant class distinguishable and henceforth inconsistency recognition.

We broadly test on a few genuine video information sets including both single and numerous item oddities. Comes about show checked enhancements in identification of peculiarities in both managed and unsupervised situations when utilizing the proposed sparsity models. 

        We don't identify numerous articles.
        We don't identify the person on foot location.
Negative marks:
        which alludes to the issue of ļ¬nding examples in information that don't comply with
Expected conduct, and that may warrant exceptional consideration or activity.
        We don't recognize alternate suspicious exercises. 

        Vehicles are playing out the same activity, and to recognize a strange occasion .
    New joint sparsity model for inconsistency location that empowers the identification of
Joint inconsistencies including different articles.
        location of oddities in both regulated and unsupervised situations when
Utilizing the proposed sparsity models.
        We utilize this task to identify the person on foot location.

        Detect the person on foot.
        Detect anomalous occasion.
        To identify different suspicious exercises.



·        Microcontroller (AT89C51).
·         LCD
·         Buzzer.
·         Camera.
·         Relay
·         Motor

·        Keil(IDE)
·         Proteus (simulation).
·         MATLAB

To identify unusual patterns such as:
·        Traffic violations.
·        Accidents.
·        Unsafe driver behavior.
·        Other suspicious activities.


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