Data Hiding in Encrypted H.264/AVC Video Streams by Codeword Substitution

Conceptual: -
Steganography is the specialty of concealing the way that correspondence is occurring, by concealing data in other data. Various bearer record organizations can be utilized, however computerized Videos are the most mainstream due to their recurrence on the Internet. For concealing mystery data in Videos, there exists an expansive assortment of steganographic systems some are more unpredictable than others and every one of them have individual solid and frail focuses. Computerized video some of the time should be put away and prepared in a scrambled configuration to keep up security and protection. With the end goal of substance documentation and/or altering location, it is important to perform information covering up in these scrambled recordings. 

Along these lines, information covering up in scrambled area without decoding jam the confidentiality of the substance. What's more, it is more productive without unscrambling took after by information stowing away and re-encryption. The codeword's of remaining coefficients are encoded with stream figures. At that point, an information hider may implant extra information in the encoded area by utilizing codeword substitution system, without knowing the first video content. Keeping in mind the end goal to adjust to various application situations, information extraction should be possible either in the encoded area or in the decoded space. Besides, video file size is entirely safeguarded even after encryption and information installing. Exploratory results have shown the achievability and proficiency of the proposed plan. The ability of performing information covering up straightforwardly in scrambled H.264/AVC video streams would keep away from the spillage of video substance 

Existing System:-
·        The information stowing away is performed specifically in scrambled H.264/AVC video bit stream.
·        The plan can guarantee both the arrangement consistence and the strict file size safeguarding.
·        The plan can be connected to two distinctive application situations by removing the concealed information either from the encoded video stream or from the unscrambled video stream.
·        Encryption and information stowing away are proficient all the while amid H.264/AVC encoding process
·        JPEG2000 pictures works have been centered around picture
·        IPM (Intra-Prediction Mode) does not exist in the genuine standard.
·        It not bolster advance ideas stenography.
Proposed System:-
·        JPEG2000 pictures works have been centered around picture. With the expanding requests of giving video information security and protection insurance
·        Data stowing away in scrambled H.264/AVC recordings will without a doubt get to be well known sooner rather than later. Clearly, because of the requirement of the hidden encryption
·        An H.264/AVC video encryption plan with great execution including security
·        Analyzing the property of H.264/AVC codec, three touchy parts (i.e., IPMs, MVDs, and lingering coefficients) are scrambled with stream figures

·        Data concealing: Data stowing away is otherwise called information epitome or data covering up
·        Encrypted space: encoded utilizing an encryption calculation, creating figure message that must be perused if decoded
·        codeword: a code word is a component of an institutionalized code or convention

·        Substituting: Substitution considers recursive assessment through full scale layouts

Equipment Requirements:-
·        SYSTEM                       : Pentium IV 2.4 GHz
·        HARD DISK                 : 40 GB
·        RAM                              : 256 MB

Programming Requirements:-
·        Operating framework    :         Windows XP Professional
·        IDE                               :         Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2010
·        Database                        :         Sql server 2005
·        Coding Language           :         C#.NET


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