In customary technique to discover the movement of human we have a few gadgets like camcorder, radar, ultrasonic sensor and so on. If there should be an occurrence of camcorder another human need to constantly screen the video. In the event that we utilize radar or ultrasonic sensor, we require a transmitter and a collector. So these are high in expense and the majority of the sticking strategies are there to cheat (i.e. stealth aircraft planes.

Be that as it may, there is another intriguing detecting gadget used to discover the movement of human (i.e.) PIR (Pyroelectric Infra Red sensor). It ingests the infrared radiation (wave length of 9.4 smaller scale meters) from the human body and makes a relating signal. As it has security gadgets like focal points it is less assume to be tricked. As this is delicate just human body warmth and recurrence of radiation, this sensor can be utilized to discover human up to 3 meter to 90 meter separation (utilizing flawless Fresnel focal points). So it discovers human accessibility past the hindrances like dividers and flame and so on. It can be utilized as earth tremor rescuer.

A robot auto which is controlled by DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) utilizing cell telephone (CDMA and GSM) having PIR sensor on this head is utilized to discover human movement. By utilizing the DTMF system we can work the robot auto from anyplace on the planet utilizing cellular telephone.

The versatile number of the beneficiary telephone going about as an exceptional code of this DTMF circuit. By utilizing the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) system between mobiles we can do the operations all the more safely. Subsequently in military applications for seeking psychological oppressors in woods or to discover them in a shut space for tallying we can utilize this venture.


        Bluetooth innovation is utilized


        Using LabVIEW to control the route of the robot along a predefined way.


PIR sensor is utilized for safeguarding people amid seismic tremor too. Also, earth tremor safeguarding operation utilizing PIR sensor is less as a part of expense. The GSM can be utilized rather than CDMA which is very secured and can't be effectively stuck or tapped. Be that as it may, for military purposes this sensor is altered with robot auto. On the off chance that this robot is have video gushing it can be worked anyplace on the planet. Utilizing picture preparing and counterfeit consciousness we can enhance our undertaking. What's more, if weapons are settled with this robot it is additionally ready to handle the adversaries.


        Thus we can spare our Indian Soldiers work and their life

        Wireless control

        Surveillance System

        Vehicle Navigation with utilization of 3G innovation.

        Takes being used of the versatile innovation which is verging on accessible all over the place.

        This remote gadget has no establishment of extent and can be controlled similarly as system of PDA



  1. Microcontroller 8051
  2. GSM Modem
  3. Motor
  4. GSM Modem.
  5. Power Supply
  6. Mobile
  7. DC Motor



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