Installed Technology is presently in its prime and the abundance of learning accessible is awe-inspiring. Notwithstanding, most installed frameworks engineers have a typical protest. There are no complete assets accessible over the web which manages the different outline and usage issues of this innovation. Protected innovation controls of numerous companies are mostly to fault for this furthermore the inclination to keep specialized skill inside a limited gathering of scientists.

There are billions of neurons interconnected in human cerebrum. Human contemplation and their passionate states influence the collaborations between these neurons. Each communication between these neurons makes an electric release which can't be measured utilizing current innovation. Nonetheless, the action made by a huge number of simultaneous electric releases totals into waves which can be measured. The arrangements of cooperation’s between these neurons are an after-effect of various cerebrum states. These examples of cooperation produce floods of various amplitudes and frequencies. These wave examples can be utilized to decide enthusiastic condition of the cerebrum. 

The objective of this venture is to gauge electric action in the cerebrum because of terminating of these neurons, parse wave to acquire consideration and reflection level of mind and utilize it to move a robot. There are distinctive procedures accessible to identify electric action in cerebrum. One system is Electroencephalography (EEG).
EEG measures voltage change along the scalp that outcomes from the communication between the neurons in the mind. These voltage changes are prepared and yield to a microcontroller by the EEG sensor. The information parcels acquired from the EEG sensor are put away in microcontroller. The microcontroller utilizes distinctive strategies to prepare and parse the information. The consideration and reflection levels are acquired from the prepared information. These levels are utilized to control the bearing and movement of the robot. 

In this venture, we are going to execute mind controlled robot utilizing EEG and MEMS. The EEG is utilized to on and off the robot and MEMS is utilized to control the robot. The EEG will screen the mind action and it is utilized to on or off the robot and MEMS will move as indicated by the development of the head. The data is transmitted through Zigbee and got in the collector which thus turns on the robot to move. The Ultrasonic sensor is utilized to discover the separation.






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