The goal of this undertaking is to propose a constant catching framework for buyer supplies utilizing Quick Response (QR) code in an Android PDA. As of late, broad examination has been done on vision-based programmed ID innovation that perceives picture codes utilizing advanced cells to give different administrations that can perceive the credibility of any item. Utilizing Multiplexing and Demultiplexing process encode and disentangle the data from single QR code with unique images and split the information back to their QR Code design where these QR Code example can be perused by Android advanced mobile phones. Standard picture codes like one-dimensional standardized tags and two-dimensional codes with high contrast designs recognizes an item for its worth and fundamental elements however does not confirm it, additionally not each item that is distinguished, is utilized for verifying maker's guarantee. 

So QR code checks items by catching it through the advanced mobile phone, then disentangles and sends it to the server for verification. Specifically, we focus on the situations where the memory passages and their affiliations shape a parallel Hamming space or an unbounded square framework. Especially, we concentrate on minimizing the quantity of information pieces of information expected to recover data with little vulnerability and present great developments some of which are ideal. The client advances the chose item rundown to the server that empowers the purchaser to choose in light of the items credibility. 

Existing System
          Barcodes are frequently planned for buyer use where utilizing a standardized identification gadget, a customer can take a picture of a scanner tag on an item
          The scanner tag must be perused utilizing PC vision methods and standardized tag can hold data, it makes this vision errand in customer situations curiously difficult.
          Barcode decoder can give the vision calculation input, and build up a dynamic methodology of the item 

          System programming disappointment may cost more postpones and a light pillar may be refracted by water particles suspended in the air, bringing about centre mutilation.
          In laser filtering, toughness and expense are the two disservices and a scanner tag gets to be scratched or folded the peruser will most likely be unable to peruse it.

          If the sweep rate of a peruser is surpassed by the velocity of development of the standardized identifications, lost perusing precision, together with inability to peruse a scanner tag
          A standardized tag peruser can't read a scanner tag if there is any impediment between the peruser and the standardized identification. 

Proposed System
          In the proposed framework, we are utilizing Multiplexing and demultiplexing calculation for perceives QR code picture utilizing advanced mobile phones to give different administrations that can perceive the legitimacy of any item.
          So QR code confirms items by catching it through the advanced cell, then interprets and sends it to the server for verification.
          The client advances the chose item rundown to the server that empowers the customer to choose in light of the items genuineness. 

Favourable circumstances
A straightforward output catches the craved data. 

          The Decoded information can be put away in the server and can be seen by the clerk.
           High precision in picture catching .

          Customer can without much of a stretch distinguish the qr code picture, by means of his Android portable itself.

Framework Requirements
Programming Requirements:
        Operating system           Windows XP
        Technology Used           Android 2.2
        IDE                                  Eclipse Indigo
        Emulators                       AVD
        Plug-in                            ADT module
        Tools used                      Android SDK. 

Equipment Requirements
        Processor                     Pentium P4
        Motherboard                Genuine Intel
        RAM                             Min 1 GB
        Hard Disk                     80 GB


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