1W LED for Automotive Applications / Play With Robotic Eye (IR Sensor) / Clock from Old Quartz Clock

1W LED for Automotive Applications
This straightforward circuit gives you a chance to run a 1W LED from the battery of your auto. IC MC34063 is utilized here as a buck converter. It is a solid exchanging controller sub-framework planned for use as a DC-DC converter. The gadget comprises of an interior temperature compensated reference,  comparative, a controlled obligation cycle oscillator with a dynamic and flow constrain circuit, a driver and a high-ebb and flow yield switch. These capacities are contained in a 8-stick double in-line bundle. Another real preferred standpoint of the exchanging controller is that it permits expanded application adaptability of the yield voltage.


Play With Robotic Eye (IR Sensor)
There are different utilization of IR sensors, for example, TV remote controllers, robber cautions and question counters. Here we have utilized IR sensors (infrared LEDs) to make a protest discovery circuit furthermore a nearness sensor for way following robots. The fundamental thought is to transmit the infrared light through an IR LED, which is then reflected by any hindrance ahead and detected by the getting LED.