Air conditioning mains voltage marker

Air conditioning mains voltage marker
Here is straightforward and exceptionally valuable circuit AC mains voltage pointer, shows the voltage level of Air conditioning mains by three distinct LEDs. Air conditioning mains voltage marker circuit can be made and amass indeed, even by fledglings. Circuit portrayal of AC mains voltage marker Every one of the three LEDs of AC mains voltage marker are associated between authorities of transistors T1, T2, T3 individually. Here potentiometer VR1, VR2, and VR3 are utilized to modify the base voltage of transistor T1, T2 and T3 individually. 

As appeared in circuit chart first AC mains is ventured around 9V-0-9V transformer and after that corrected by a flag diode D1 and smoothed by C1 which give yield 25V DC. This circuit is work on the rule, when AC mains change DC voltage additionally shifts relatively and detected by transistor T1 through T3. For setting the low level voltage, a manual AC voltage controller (MVR) ought to be associated with the essential of transformer X1. 

Presently set AC voltage of MVR to around 175V and gradually potentiometer VR1 balanced until voltage over the base of transistor T1 achieves 9.7V and transistor begins directing which gleam LED1 and quit shining when the base voltage drops beneath the preset esteem. This procedure is rehashed for 200V and 230V in which LED2 and LED3 gleams separately. Presently associate this circuit to AC mains, if the voltage drop beneath 175 volts no LEDs gleam. Initial, a high voltage (more than 230V) is shown by every one of the three LEDs gleams (LED1, LED2, LED3). Second, typically voltage (200V-230V) is shown by two LEDs (LED1 and LED2). Third, a low voltage (175V-200V) is demonstrated by the sparkling of LED1 as it were.
Resistors (all ¼-watt, ± 5% Carbon)
 R1-R6= 1 Kω VR1 – VR3 = 10 Kω
 C1 = 220 μF/50V
T1 – T3 = BC547 ZD1 – ZD3 = 9.1V zener diode D1 = 1N4001 LED1 – LED3 = Simple LED Incidental X1 = 230V AC essential to 9V-0-9V, 250mA optional transformer SW1 = On/off switch


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