Automotive Repair Enterprise

The CRM Automotive repair endeavors framework is a Web application meant to give different sorts of administrations to vehicles.
Existing System
        Inefficiency in overseeing separate subtle elements.
        Difficulty in appointing administrations to administration group.
        Complexity in time booking.
        Difficulty in producing bills.
        The manual framework gives us less security for sparing information and  a few information might be lost because of bungle. 

Proposed System
The improvement of this new framework contains the accompanying exercises, which attempt to mechanize the whole procedure keeping in the perspective of database incorporation approach.
        Rich UI is furnished to cooperate with application.
        Reminder office is given to worker.
        Generates breakdown charge by gathering data benefit focus.
        Assignment of administrations to administration group is simple.
        Provides dissension and reactions highlights.
        Services subtle elements are given to customer and ordinary clients.
        Authentication is accommodated all clients.
Number of Modules
1.       Users Authentication Module.
2.       Vehicle Management Module.
3.       Service Complaint Module.
4.       Vehicle Breakdown Management Module.
5.       Reports.
Modules Description
1.       User Authentication Module
Current application gives 4 unique sorts of client.
A.      Administrator
B.      Employee
C.      Client
D.      General Users

This module gives confirmation to every single above client.
2.       Vehicle Management Module
Director deals with the accompanying expert data about vehicle.
A.      Vehicle Brand Details
B.      Vehicle Company Details
C.      Vehicle Colours
D.      Fuel Details
3. Benefit Management Module
Customer raises protest about his/her vehicle. Manager enters the data about customer vehicle. Every customer is given a one of a kind vehicle id and in light of this administration protest points of interest are entered.
4. Vehicle Breakdown Management Module
Customer raises the breakdown points of interest of his/her vehicle. Every vehicle is given vehicle id, breakdown id, breakdown region and milestone. These points of interest are given to online workers.
5. Security
The client subtle elements ought to be checked against the points of interest in the client tables and on the off chance that it is substantial client, they ought to be gone into the framework. Once entered, in light of the client sort access to the distinctive modules to be empowered/debilitated.
6. Reports
The framework gives different sorts of reports which incorporates.
A.      Employee Profile Report
B.      Client Vehicle Status Report
C.      Client Vehicle Breakdown Report
D.      Service sort Report
E.      Service Complaint Report
F.      Breakdown Bills
Clients of System
1.       Administrator
2.       Employee
3.       Client
4.       General User
Programming Requirements:

Working System                                       Windows XP/2003
Client Interface                                        HTML, CSS
Customer side Scripting                          JavaScript
Programming Language                           Java
Web Applications                                     JDBC, Servlets, JSP
IDE/Workbench                                       My Eclipse 6.0
Database                                                   Oracle 10g
Server Deployment                                 Tomcat 5.x
Equipment Requirements:
Processor                                                Pentium IV
Hard Disk                                                40GB
RAM                                                        512MB or more


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