Intercom based Calling Bell , Frequency Comparator ( digital) ,Cable Tester

Calling Bell Using an Intercom
Here is a basic calling ringer circuit that can be utilized as a part of little workplaces to call the workplace kid utilizing an existing radio framework. The workplace kid can be rung from to nine areas where expansion lines are introduced. The framework is associated with a devoted augmentation for the workplace kid. At whatever point somebody needs the workplace kid's help, he can dial the workplace kid's expansion number through the radio and afterward press a key to show his area number (say, 5). This number will be shown on a seven-section show and in the meantime a chime will sound to caution the workplace kid. Squeezing a switch will clear the show.

Digital Frequency Comparator
Here's a computerized recurrence comparator for oscillators that shows the outcome through a 7-portion show and a light-radiating diode (LED). At the point when the recurrence tally of an oscillator is underneath "8," the comparing LED stays killed. When the number achieves "8," the LED turns on furthermore, the 7-fragment show demonstrates '8'.

Cable Tester
Have you ever thought about whether a specific link is conveying mains control supply to your gadget or not? Here is an answer that helps you test link congruity without requiring any physical contact with the exposed link. The circuit for all intents and purposes recognizes AC flag frequencies and gives a LED sign if the link is leading. The circuit is exceptionally touchy and can recognize signals from the surface of the link itself and in this way no immediate contact with the uncovered link is essential. The circuit can be utilized to test different links, counting modem, sound/video and dish reception apparatus links to give some examples. 

Another Circuit

Co-pivotal link is utilized as a transmission line for radio recurrence signals. Yet, at some point it is hard to distinguish transmitted flag from contribution to yield. Presently, here is a straightforward venture "Co-hub link analyzer" by inventive gathering Dream lover innovation utilizing quad 2-input NOR door IC 4001. Testing of co-pivotal link is passed by associating with point An and B as appeared in circuit graph. Sparkling LED1 demonstrate string of link is inside joined; where shining LED2 show the link is open and sparkling LED3 demonstrate link is great. Short out of link is demonstrated by sparkling two distinct LEDs. Along these lines "co-pivotal link analyzer" is utilized to check whether the link is open, short out or great by sparkling distinctive LEDs.


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