DC-DC Converter

This basic circuit gives you a chance to run a 1W LED from the battery of your auto. IC MC34063 is utilized here as a buck converter. It is a solid exchanging controller sub-framework expected for use as a DC-DC converter. The gadget comprises of an inward temperature compensated reference, a comparator, a controlled obligation cycle oscillator with a dynamic flow constrain circuit, a driver and a high-ebb and flow yield switch. These capacities are contained in a 8-stick double in-line bundle. Another significant favorable position of the exchanging controller is that it permits expanded application adaptability of the yield voltage. 

Another circuit
Transformation of AC to AC is very straightforward as in contrast with DC to DC converter since it just suggests a transformer which changes over AC starting with one voltage level then onto the next voltage level. In any case, change of DC to DC is entirely dreary work without transformer and that's just the beginning control misfortunes. Here is basic, ease, high accuracy circuit which changes over 6-V DC to 12-V DC without utilizing transformer and simple to develop with few part. Circuit depiction of DC to DC change .The circuit of DC to DC transformation is work with an exceptionally well known IC LM555 utilized as multivibrator disposition which create required recurrence go from 2 to 10 kHz to drive control transistor T2. Here potentiometer VR1 is utilized to change yield recurrence given to transistor T2 through resistor R3. A zener diode in this circuit is utilized as voltage controller which manages voltage to 12 volt. Here Inductor L1 of 100 turns, 24 SWG enameled copper wire injured on a 40mm dia. toroidial ferrite center and capacitor C5 is utilized for vitality stockpiling. Transistor T1 is used to control yield control with the assistance of resistor R4 R5. 

Resistors (all ¼-watt, ± 5% Carbon)
R1, R2, R5 = 10 Kω; R3, R4 = 220 Ω 1/2-watt; VR1 = 47 Kω
C1 = 0.0047 μF; C¬2 = 0.01 μF; C3 = 0.1 μF; C4 = 470 μF/25V; C5 = 2200 μF/35V
D1 = 1N4007; D2 = Zener 12V, 500mA ½-watt; T1 = BC549; T2 = BD139; IC1 = NE555 clock IC Incidental L1 = 100 Turns, 24 SWG protected copper wire on 40mm Dia. toroidal center


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