Current Scenario:
All in all at whatever point any client needs to buy sound or video compact discs he/she needs to go to outlets(cd shops), however there is no impulse that each client will discover all the album's what they need, all things considered they need to go to alternate shops for those items. It will build the round outings amongst every single outlets. To maintain a strategic distance from above issue and to give more administrations to the client we have presented a web based application with respect to online buy of sound and video compact discs. 

Proposed framework:
The "Computerized Tunes" application is an online site. It is a virtual showcase of sound and video compact discs for any client in various classifications like GHAZHAL, FILM, POP, DEVOTIONAL, ROCK, CLASSICAL and FOLK and so forth. The principle point of this venture is to make Online shopping effectively. The Special thing about this venture is that gives distinctive sorts of discs to buy. Client can speak with executive of this entrance for any enquiries are grumbles about items by utilizing message benefit which is given to him/her, in the meantime director likewise can send messages to the clients. The reason for this venture is as per the following:
        To exhibit the assortment of things classification astute to the client.
        To get part data
        To gather arrange data from the client
        To show the rundown of requested things to the director.
This application comprises taking after modules.
1. Client Module
2. Administrator Module
3. Shopping basket Module
4. Reports Module
1. Client Module:
This module educates all concerning clients and their duties while getting to Digital-Tunes Music Store entryway, at whatever point client needs to get access of this gateway he should enlist and by utilizing login-id, secret word he can enter into this gateway. Here client can look for changed classifications of compact discs. This module comprises taking after classifications.
3. Pop
4. Reverential

7. Society
These classifications speak to various sorts of sound and video discs which are accessible in this entry. In this module any client can see every one of the items yet they can't do different operations like include, change and erasing things and they can buy those things by utilizing charge card.
Visa Interface:
Through this interface, application will approve Visa. "Advanced Tunes" application will permit three sorts of Visa. They are Visa Card, Master Card, and Amex card (American Express).
2. Administrator Module:
This module is has a place with overseer, he/she can do any operations on client records and they will control all clients in the entrance like they can give get to penetrations to them by giving username and secret key in the meantime they can include items list, adjust items list and erase items list from the entryway. Any client can't see the items until unless overseer will include the item subtle elements in the entry through this module. Chairman can get any messages from the clients and at same time he/she can give answer for those messages too.
3.       Shopping truck Module:
Shopping basket module contains the things that a client has chosen for buying. The shopping basket page of the "Advanced Tunes" application will show a rundown of items chose by the client. Client can add the things to that rundown by tapping the check box alongside the things and afterward tapping on the add to list of things to get catch, they can likewise determine the amount of the things. This interface is having taking after sub functionalities
a.       Add Products to Shopping truck.
b.       Modify Products to shopping basket.
c.       Delete Products from the Shopping truck.
4. Reports Module:
In this module head will get diverse sorts of reports with respect to clients like Number of clients of this entrance, day by day offering reports and no. of messages he/she is getting and so on. What's more, this module is controlled by overseer as it were.
Programming prerequisites:
Working System            : Windows
Technology                    : Java/J2EE (JDBC, Servlets, JSP)
Web Technologies                   : Html, JavaScript, CSS
IDE                                : MyEclipse
Web Server                    : Tomcat
Database                        : Oracle
Software's                      : J2SDK1.5, Tomcat 5.5, Oracle 9i
Equipment prerequisites:
Equipment : Pentium based frameworks with at least P4
Slam : 256MB (least)


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