Electric Bug Zapper,Light Lamp Blinker, Photo Lamp

Make your own Electric Bug Zapper

None of us enjoys bugs at home. To slaughter these flying creepy crawlies, they ought to first be pulled in and afterward shocked. Bug critic is one such gadget with a high-voltage shocking circuit and a creepy crawly pulling in UV light of 365 nm wave-length. This bright fluorescent light is mounted amidst the bureau and a couple of precisely divided, electrically protected, charged wire networks encompass the light. At the point when a creepy crawly approaches enough to the work match, an electrical bend is shaped, the dielectric separates and current moves through the creepy crawly's body. Shocking the creepy crawly doesn't oblige it to touch both the wires as a bend shapes noticeable all around crevice more than 1800V.


Twilight Lamp Blinker  

Amid dusk or dawn, the surrounding light is not sufficient to lead you through the open entryway then again advance around obstacles. To maintain a strategic distance from any disaster, here is a sundown light signal that you can put close checks.

Emergency Photo Lamp

This crisis light can be controlled either by a rechargeable battery (like 3.6V Ni-Cd) or a non rechargeable battery (3.0V CR2032). The white LED (LED1) sparkles naturally when the control comes up short and you are left in dull. The peaceful current of the circuit is low and the battery is for all intents and purposes utilized just when the LED shines.


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