Hardware counter

Hardware counter
Straightforward tallying should be possible by anybody however checking in interim up to huge number is dreary also, the shot of overlook is greatest. As, we have officially distributed Counter Circuit | Digital Counter. Presently , here hardware counter is second venture by dream lover innovation in the arrangement of checking based venture. Both the including circuit distributed this site numbers up to 10,000 with the assistance of four seven-portion shows. The distinction is past circuit use CMOS ICs where the hardware counter utilizes TTL ICs.

The whole circuit of hardware counter is separated into three fundamental area: - info, show and driver or decoder segment. The information circuit comprises of LDR taking after by negative square wave generator circuit construct around Timer IC (NE555). A globule is utilized here as light source concentrated on LDR. The property of LDR is that at whatever point the light centered around base of LDR is impeded, it gives trigger and square wave is created and given as info flag to counter circuit. So the articles to be tallied are organized consecutively to move one by one in the middle of the light source and the LDR. IC2 demonstrates any number between 0-9 as per information square wave given to stick no 14. After every negative heartbeat a conveying heartbeat is delivered by decoder IC and given to another (i.e. from IC2 to IC3, IC3 to IC4, IC4 to IC5 ). IC5¬ and IC6 is BCD to 7-section lock decoder driver. The reset switch SW1 is utilized to reset the hardware counter to 0000 states. Resistors (all ¼-watt, ± 5% Carbon) R1 = 1 Kω; R2 = 100 Kω; R3 – R30 = 180 Ω; VR1 = 100 Kω preset
C1 = 4.7 μF; C2 = 1000 μF/10V; C3, C4 = 0.1 μF
IC1 = NE555 (Timer IC); IC¬2 – IC5 = 7490 (Decade and Binary counter) IC6 – IC9 = 7447 (BCD to 7-fragment decoder); IC10 = μA 7805 (Voltage Regulator) D1 – D¬4 = Display FND 507 Various Mic1 = Microphone; B1 = Bulb; LDR


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